About Us

Kanicen Nix

Setting up a trend in everything we do is our way of doing things. All our products are designed for certain purposes that will bring value not only in our fishing routine but also to the passion we hold on to.

“Kanicen Nix” a brand created by a passionate Ultralight Angler known as Kanicen Nix. Every product is carefully designed, tuned and tested by the owner himself. He makes sure all products created for the intended purpose at highest quality possible. The products built exclusively for Ultralight Anglers who seek for Extreme Experience to gain Maximum Satisfaction.

  • Custom Design.
  • Visionary Idea.
  • Engineered For Passionate Ultralight Anglers.
  • Fully Tested For Maximum Satisfaction.
  • Underline ECO Friendly Solutions.

we put soul in every product we create to make sure you get the vibration you need