THE Idea, THE Road, THE Success, THE Future

Kanicen Nix

THE Idea

Beginning it was just for FUN; an idea started by Kanicen Nix. We are not trying to defeat the existing universal understanding of ultralight fishing but we are simply trying to create more challenging and fun ultralight fishing game. Extreme Experience; Maximum Satisfaction is our aim.

THE Road

Countless obstacles but we survived. It was so spontaneous and the road is so scary and yet at the same time; so beautiful. The truth is it shouldn’t be easy to be amazing. It’s the things we fight for, amount of efforts and struggles we put before earning the greatest worth. When something’s you passionate about it’s impossible to lose.

THE Success

The trend has become a phenomenal that can’t be stopped. Faith is to believe what you do not see; able to see what we believe is our reward due to the degree of responsibility we took in life determines how much changes we can create.

THE Future

As we always said; we wish we had a crystal ball that could tell us what the future holds for us, but we don’t have one. Education is the key. What we can promise is to give as much information as possible that will benefit your journey in ultralight fishing.

Every efforts make it worth, don’t rush, don’t over excited and miss your opportunity. Its like on the field; Every cast perfect cast.