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Turn RoboForm Into A Marketing Machine

This Step-by-Step Guide Complete With Screenshots Will Help You Setup RoboForm For Many Common Marketing Tasks, such as…

Article Submissions
Link Trades
Classified Ad Submissions
InfoProduct Creation Research

Robo Form Marketing Machine

Download here

So, what do you think? I will be glad if you can share your opinion… :)

2 Responses to “Free Download: Robo Form Marketing Machine”
  1. R J says:

    I’m missing something… where is the actual link to download?? So I have RoboForm now, but this takes me back to the sign up form. WHere is the guide?

  2. Kanicen says:

    Hi RJ,

    You can download at by providing email and name. Once you did that you need to confirm the email sent to you. The email title will look something like this: RESPONSED REQUIRED….. Please check your bulk/spam box since it might be treated as spam email.

    Once you click the confirmation link you will get another email with the download page for Robo Form. :)

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

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