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The Concept of BRUDU

We at Kanicen Nix understand the thrill of the hunt and the joy of landing small game fishes ranging from sizes of between 3 – 15 cm. These kinds of fish are sensitive and the challenge to land such fishes are by no means a simple feat.

As such, we have developed a soft bait named BRUDU, specifically designed and catered for landing such fishes and enabling anglers to feel, savor, and enjoy the thrill of landing these kinds of specific fishes.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-brudu-softbait-moldThe size of this soft bait merely stands at 2.8 centimeters in length (1.1 inches) and only weighs around 0.2g, which is perfect and ideal for small fishes such as Indo-Pacific Tarpon, Baby Groupers, Spotted Snappers, Threadfin Breams, Scads, Tilapia, Peacock Bass, Baby Hampala, Channa Limbata / Gachua and many more.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-brudu-luminous-colors-for-daylight-and-night-fishingRigging Methods

BRUDU is a soft bait that provides best results when rigged up via the drop-shot, however, despite our recommendation of the drop-shot approach, one may also opt to utilize a small jig-head weighing from 0.3g – 1.2 g (max around 1.2 cm shank length) to get the best action. In short, this bait is the perfect drop shot bait to utilize for targeting small game fish.

This soft bait can also be rigged to jigs, rubber jigs, spinners and anything an angler can imagine and yield results as long as the application and creativity of utilizing this soft bait is balanced and efficient.

Key Features

BRUDU’s body is elastic and luminous, making them look like small prawns in the water. This enables the bait to be utilized for any kinds of water. The segmented body and tail of the bait enables this bait to increase vibrations within the water when moved, hence increasing the percentage of catches as fishes will be naturally attracted to it.


The soft body design is a key feature for landing small game fish as it enables the bait to go the extra mile for enabling these kinds of fish to bite and hold on to the bait, increasing the probability of a strike rate for such fishes.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-brudu-luminous-colors-multi-segments-body-designCutting Edge Technology

Our soft baits are built with cutting edge technology capable of delivering quality results. The soft structure enables the fish to bite and not let go as the bait texture resembles that of actual live bait.

Furthermore, as our soft baits are 100% biodegradable, in the event if a fish swallows the bait, the fish’s digestive system will be able to naturally break the soft bait down chemically without causing the fish any harm.

In the event of a snag, as our baits are 100% biodegradable, over time the soft bait will decay and not cause any harm or damage to the environment after some time.

Colors Varieties & Price


BRUDU comes in 4 attractive colors of orange, pink, pearl white and green. Each pack contains 10 pieces per color and is sold at the reasonable price of RM12 per pack online.

Lifelike Action

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our video below and see how alive and attractive the motions and movements of our soft baits are.

Check the video here: Will be available soon


At Kanicen Nix we let the results of our hard work do the talking, here are samples of our results with BRUDU:

Here some of our catches:

Don’t just take our word for it, the following are testimonials from our customers:

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