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After a thorough 2 years of Research & Development (R&D), this new soft bait is finally ready to be unleashed in the market. We have gone through painstaking test sessions and field runs to develop this specific worm-based wobbler which anglers are able to utilize and is capable of being adaptable for various fishing techniques.


From normal jerking techniques (using a jig head and a worm hook) to drop shot rigs, this soft bait is more than capable of working and responding naturally to an angler’s techniques yielding more than satisfying results. It can also be utilized for jigging, be it fast or slow-pitch jigging. Conquer new angling horizons with your creativity through our GELI-GELI soft baits.

The Inspiration

We named this soft bait GELI-GELI due to the sensation when you have a hold / touch of this soft bait as it feels no different than worms. The inspiration came from our previous hot-selling products Elastico and Flexi Tail whereby the construct is extremely soft, elastic and flexible.

Multiple segments on the body enables the soft bait to produce immense vibrations while creating bubbles when retrieving / reeling in this soft bait in, aside from this, the small tail design is flexible enabling the soft bait to look alive, hence attracting & triggering the natural predatory nature of nearby fish towards the soft bait as it exhumes a lively action.

Kanicen-Nix-Grenti-Strike-Geli-Geli-Luminous-Colors-multi-segments-body-designRigging Methods

A bigger head design on the soft bait enables you to utilize any jig head weighing from 1.5g up to 3.5g with sizes 1 & 2 as our best recommendation. The optimum hook size and weight selection will empower anglers with the capability to produce better / livelier action and control over the soft bait and also is the secret towards achieving long casting accuracy.

It is a formula we have concocted through several field tests for a widespread variety of techniques utilized for ultralight angling which encompasses ultralight techniques utilized in both saltwater and freshwater game techniques such as Ajing / Mebaru / LRF / Jigging and many more.

The possibilities of rigging this soft bait is limitless as it enables the angler to utilize jig heads, worm hooks, fast or slow pitch jigging, spinner baits, drop shots, rubber jigs or anything you are capable of thinking of. It is the perfect kind of bait which will work perfectly well for any kind of angler, and its capabilities are enhanced when the angler is creative enough to apply new techniques towards this soft bait efficiently.

Great Feature

To further enhance the efficiency of this soft bait, all GELI-GELI products possess a luminescence (for orange, pearl white, pink and yellow) attribute making it efficient in any water condition be it day or night. And UV for our new color Gold Rush Jembalang.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-geli-geli-structure-viewThe bait is capable of absorbing any available light during the day and produce the luminescence effect in water. At night, all you need to do is just expose it to UV light (even the light from your smartphone is sufficient) to boost its luminescence effect for night time angling.

Kanicen-Nix-Grenti-Strike-Geli-Geli-Luminous-Colors-for-night-fishingCutting Edge Technology

Our soft baits are built with cutting edge technology capable of delivering quality results. The soft structure enables the fish to bite and not let go as the bait texture resembles that of actual live bait.

Furthermore, as our soft baits are 100% biodegradable, in the event if a fish swallows the bait, the fish’s digestive system will be able to naturally break the soft bait down chemically without causing the fish any harm.

In the event of a snag, as our baits are 100% biodegradable, over time the soft bait will decay and not cause any harm or damage to the environment after some time.

Colors Varieties, Dimensions & Price


All GELI-GELI soft baits come in a variety of 5 attractive colors (orange, pink, pearl white, yellow and Gold Rush Jembalang) and the length is around 5.72 cm (2.24 inches) which is perfect for any fish you choose to hunt.

Each pack of our GELI-GELI soft baits contains 10 pieces per color and is sold at the reasonable price of RM12 per pack online.

Lifelike Action

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our video below and see how alive and attractive the motions and movements of our soft baits are.

Check the video here:


At Kanicen Nix we let the results of our hard work do the talking, here are samples of our results with GELI-GELI:

Don’t just take our word for it, the following are testimonials from our customers:

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