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Hampala (Locally known as Sebarau) is one of the most sought after South East Asian fish which can be found in streams and is often the primary target of stream fishing enthusiasts.

We at Kanicen Nix are proud to present to our customers the result of our micro spoon, SILAU, as it embodies a whole lot of effort, research, & development to produce maximum efficiency in terms of results despite a unique feature of the spoon head facing downwards, but trust us, this oddity is one of the secrets which enable SILAU to outshine all other micro spoons out there and to increase the landing rate of fish.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-silau-microspoon-moldThe Inspiration

SILAU, our new custom made ultralight / finesse micro spoon was developed and created with the primary objective of not just stream fishing, but also towards enticing the sought after Hampala. The design and built of this bait is a form of enhancement from our previous hot selling spoon known as Red Eye.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-silau-micro-spoonUpon fulfilling more R&D, we have taken initiatives to improvise and include additional features to ensure our new version of this bait notably progresses from its predecessor and is capable of delivering even better results. The spoon’s movement is capable of adapting to stream conditions due to the aerodynamics and shape of our new micro spoon, SILAU is streamlined towards naturally following and adapting motion in accordance to stream conditions hence enabling the motion to look natural.


Great Feature

Furthermore, even when lifting SILAU, it will minimize the spin as opposed to other kinds of micro spoon baits which often cause line twists. With SILAU, the design and shape of the bait minimizes such phenomena from occurring as a result of our thorough research and passion in further enhancing and perfecting our baits via vigorous field tests and also R&D.


Cutting Edge Technology

Aside from motions, SILAU is also capable of producing better vibrations within the water and it’s aerodynamics also enable it to cut through water seamlessly and naturally, hence increasing the probability of catching the fish. The precision cut scales on the body enables this micro spoon to reflect light from any angle as it moves within the water to attract fish towards it.


Colors Varieties, Dimensions & Price

SILAU only weighs around 3g and 7g with a length of 3.5cm (1.38 inches) for 3g and 5cm (1.97 inches) for 7g which is the average size of bait fish found at streams and is the perfect micro spoon to attract Hampala. SILAU has also proven itself to be effective against stream fishes like Copper Masheer (Tengas), Chana Lucius (Bujuk), Channa Gachua / Limbata (Kedak), Rasbora spp (Seluang), Burmese Trout (Sikang) and all other kinds of stream predators.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-silau-micro-spoonSILAU is available in 2 colors, which are gold and silver and is sold separately at the reasonable price of RM10 per piece online.

3 Methods of Utilizing SILAU

1. Using SILAU as it is

Using it as it is with the head facing downwards to attract fish ranging around 2-3 feet.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-silau-silver-color-micro-spoon2. Jerking motions

Change the position of the hook to the tail of the spoon and use jerking motions when reeling it in. This method is important for ultralight game since in most cases, the best spots to go for are small and utilizing a fast retrieve approach is not recommended as it will be too swift for stream fishes to lash out and attack. Casting it to your desired spot and jerking it enables a lively action to be produced, increasing strike rates.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-silau-gold-color-micro-spoon-jerking-spoon3. Top Water

Ensure the hook is positioned at the tail of the spoon, but instead of a slow jerking retrieve motion when reeling it in, utilize a fast retrieve and the spoon will provide no action but will be at the top of the water and swim like a top water lure which attracts large predators.

kanicen-nix-grenti-strike-silau-silver-color-micro-spoon-jerking-spoonLifelike Action

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our video below and see how alive and attractive the motions and movements of our soft baits are.

Check the video here:

Kanicen Nix – Grenti Strike Baits Action


Here some of our catches:

Don’t just take our word for it, the following are testimonials from our customers:

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