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About Grenti Strike Soft Baits

Introducing “Kanicen Nix” Grenti Strike Soft Baits, fishing baits fully used by pro anglers and produced especially for various type of fish. The soft baits is 100% tested on-field for months to make sure the quality is at highest level and suitable for environment.

Grenti Strike bait designs focus on strong presentation for instant strikes. Fish strike our baits instantly because it has natural looks and the action looks lively. We have various types of soft baits which has been used not only local anglers but also by others international anglers. We have few soft baits mainly worms based like:

  1. Geli-Geli
  2. Brudu
  3. Wobbler Candy (Coming Soon)
  4. Seluang (Coming Soon)
  5. Aji Wobbler (Coming Soon)

There will be more varieties of soft baits we are working on. Whatever your game is we have the real deal. Stay tune.

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