Ultralight Trend Setter – Is Our Priority

It's not the brand but how you use your rod...

"Kanicen Nix" an Ultralight Trend Setter; a brand created by a passionate Ultralight Angler known as Kanicen Nix. Every products is carefully designed, tuned and tested by Malaysian top anglers to make sure the effectiveness for the targeted fishes and suitability in our environment. Built exclusively for Ultralight Anglers who love Extreme Experience to gain Maximum Satisfaction.

  • First Malaysian Brand
  • THE Ultralight Trend Setter
  • Futuristic & Visionary Design
  • Engineered For Ultralight Anglers
  • Fully Tested For Maximum Satisfaction
  • Saya amat berbangga apabila mendapat tahu bahawa kawan yang saya Kanicen Nix kenal lebih 20 tahun sejak zaman sekolah lagi telah mengeluarkan produknya sendiri setelah berusaha keras selama ini. Saya amat berbangga apabila adanya produk orang Malaysia. Selamat maju jaya.

    Mohd Shah
    Mohd Shah
  • Yang aku suka Soft plastic Kanicen Nix sebab tak allergic kalau bercampur dgn sp lain... sesetengah sp mudah mencair.

    Zamisma Abu
    Zamisma Abu
  • Soft plastic Kanicen Nix gerenti strike memang terbukti berkesan....cakap banyak tak guna ... try sendiri kalau nak tahu.

    KP Than
    KP Than
  • Soft Plastic keluaran saudara mastersifu Kanicen Nix memang terbaik termantap termashur di perairan Malaysia. Sejak menggunakannya saya tidak lagi kesepian hasil pancing. SP kanicen nix, GERENTI STRIKE !!!

    Alan Adnilron Alan
    MohdIzwan MdYusof
  • Terbaik, sangat universal kepada diet-diet ikan (siakap, bulan, haruan, tilapia & pb).

    Alan Adnilron Alan
    Alan Adnilron Alan
  • Soft plastic Kanicen nix Grenti strike memang mencakup dan memang grenti strike... Dulu saya bazir duit tuk beli gewang-gewang micro yang mahal tapi selepas keluaran grenti strike ni memang box full dengan sp... Memang proven... Price pun cantek... :)

    Thava Prasanth Ravi Chandran
    Thava Prasanth Ravi Chandran
  • KANICEN NIX - Curly/Single Tail White... Kualiti memang terbaekkkkk... SP tak rosak walaupun dah banyak kali disambar haruan.

    Lai Itosaiasoka
    Lai Itosaiasoka
  • Spoon Tarponish Kanicen Gold & Silver setiap balingan ada sambaran... Mamang terbaikkkk lah... Dgn harga yang berpatutan dan service yg terbaik anda perlu memiliki nye...

    Firdaus Yahya
    Firdaus Yahya
  • Saya lebih suke gune soft baits yg admin bawak masuk sebab saiz nya yang kecil dan sp nya pun tahan berbanding dri soft baits yang lain. Antara produk grenti strike yg telah banyak berjasa. Kecil-kecil cili padi. Tak padan dengan kecik.

    Muhd Ridzuwan Ibrahim
    Muhd Ridzuwan Ibrahim
  • Produk Kanicen Nix memang terbaikkkkk...

    Jali Awang
    Jali Awang
  • Sp Kanicen Nix mmg terbukti garenti mencakop cubalah sendiri jika inginkan karen ditangan. Cubalah sendiri anda tidak akan menyesal.

    Nankairel Kril
    Shazarul Zars

meet our team

We are great team in a stream of Ultralight Fishing

Zamisma Abu

Product Ambassador

Known as "Cikgu"; fall in love with ultralight and has never stop since. He is one of the most humble guy we have ever encounter. Very knowledgeable and very helpful in everything he does without expecting any returns.

Cikgu started to understand the 'soul' of Ultralight as early as the ultralight group has been setup. The feel to handle small fish using balance and matching setup really attracts him and felt that this is the game that really satisfies him.

Muhd Ridzuwan

Product Ambassador

Loves go beyond when it comes to fishing. Quiet type and always give full efforts in everything he does and whenever he got free time he will be on the water. Never expect any returns to all the helps.

Got to know about ultralight when he met Kanicen Nix and has since never turned back anymore.

Onie Kurnia

Product Ambassador

He's a fishing enthusiast and he finds that UL give him the satisfaction he needs.

He always have this one attitude to take it as a competition whenever he fishing with us and ended up frustrated. In the end it's all about fishing, we laugh and he really enjoy that moments.

Mohd Huzairy

Product Ambassador

A teacher by profession and an angler with passion. He submerged in UL angling with pride. Having written few article for other angler make him recognisable in the industry.

Today he stood by the UL trend that bring the whole game into a new dimension.

Idy Cullen

Product Ambassador

Idy Mhmd also known as Idy Cullen had begun the journey since childhood with his dad. Year 2011 he became a fishing guide at Air Kuning, Perak and started to create a name as best boatmen for Peacock Bass. Most of his customers are from all over the world especially from Japan.

He started to get involve with Ultralight game since he got to know Kanicen Nix. The first experience catching one huge Peacock Bass with ultralight setup is something he can never forget until today.

Foong Chee Keat

Product Ambassador

Foong A.K.A Ah Boy started playing ultralight game when he found out about UL group created by Kanicen Nix at Facebook. He went thru the phase of suspicious mindset like others when seeing Kanicen post good size catches with UL setup at first. Then he started his journey on ultralight game and has since unable to pull the brake.

For him, ul fishing is not about the biggest catch but it's all about the enjoyment of feeling those tiny lures taken by fish and learns how to handle the fish with proper technique. Some said "apa barang cari ikan kecik?", but for him those you never try ultralight game they will never understand the fun of it.

Zarul Zars

Product Ambassador

Very supportive customers that always promote our product ended up become our tester. He will viral our products on daily basis without us asking him. He is amongst one of the best customers that really help without expecting anything.

He is enjoying fishing without too much rules. He just go out and fishing with friends and love meeting new anglers.

Nankairel Krill

Product Ambassador

Nan is a very adventurous angler. He loves all fishing activity that requires trekking deep into the jungle. For him all the target fish is a must have as a collection and will do his best to get them. That's the satisfaction he seeks.

He started to love ultralight fishing since the year 2005 but due to lack of info and guidance he then stops until he met Kanicen Nix. He love fishing Tarpon but at the same time he hates them too because of its trickery spitting the baits.


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