Kanicen Nix


The Founder – Kanicen Nix is the founder’s actual name and he is a sportsman, nature lover and an absolute fishing enthusiast. Being passionate about the angling / fishing sport, he always responds when asked what’s his favourite pass time, “My hobby? I LOVE fishing! This means I live to challenge myself by pushing past boundaries in an otherwise conservative sport. To savour maximum satisfaction, you need to be extreme”.

A true Ultralight Angler and more commonly known as THE “Ultralight Trend Setter” by most South East Asian countries, he was the first person in the region to step up and bring the hype of ultralight angling to a whole new level not ventured by anyone else. He improvised on existing approach(es) for the ultralight angling game and applied new techniques and ideas into evolving ultralight angling to be more engaging and interesting as opposed to being conservative.

Being an avid and passionate ultralight angler, he consistently applies new ideas in everything he fulfills when it comes to ultralight angling to ensure the newer generation of anglers are well-educated and equipped with the right information and knowledge required for the game. His open-hearted approach and willingness to teach has reached and touched countless anglers across the SEA (South East Asia) region enabling newer generation anglers under his tutelage to be capable of treasuring & understanding the value of conservative angling methods and being capable and bold enough to venture forth and apply new angling techniques.

He has created various ultralight angling products such as ultralight fishing rods, soft baits, micro spoons, micro lures, jig heads and many other accessories required for ultralight angling. Despite being a trend setter within the region, he always remains humble, patient and ever-willing to teach new generation of anglers the joy fishing has to offer.

Despite being enthusiastic about challenging new horizons when it comes to ultralight angling, he is a rather adamant individual when it comes to adhering towards the proper process of downsizing / decreasing an angling setup is a “Must Go Through” process in order to become a skilled ultralight angler with knowledge, experience and imagination to challenge the Ultralight Angling frontier. Ultralight Angling is an art which one must experience in order to FEEL the joys it has to offer, and EARN the rewards there is to sow. Only by going on the field for real experience can one truly earn the joys Ultralight Angling has to offer. Ultralight Angling in more ways than one offers the joys and thrills fishing has to offer and is also capable of reflecting the real you while you go at it, making it not just any pass time an individual can enjoy, but a pass time which enriches the angler to enjoy his / her passion and get to know one’s self much better.

Fishing is a test of character – Kanicen Nix

My Story

Upon closer observation, you will notice that all individuals holding high paying positions may possess talent or they may not, regardless of how good they are, each individual holds a different perspective over matters. So what is the formula to success?

If the same question was posed to me several years back, I honestly do not hold or have an inkling of what the answer may be, but as of now, I think I have it. The answer is simple, if you would want to accomplish a feat and become a ‘rockstar’ in any industry, you will need to have faith that you can succeed from the get-go and just go all out towards achieving that goal.

With hard work, passion and a few out-of-the box approaches, I am certain anyone can become a ‘rockstar’ in any industry you choose and gain a positive reputation while fulfilling your passion or hobby. Trust me, once you get things right, the rest will just fall in place but the main ingredient is discipline, drive, passion and also a never-say-die attitude.

The Early Years

I was taught how to fish by my brothers when I was at the tender age of 3 – 4 years old, and I never stopped nagging them to bring me out for fishing ever since my first angling experience together with them. It is ironic how the experience and memory linger in my mind with clarity as if this event occurred only yesterday. My first fishing rod was a makeshift rod made out of bamboo that I carry around with me on a daily basis. Every single day, I will go out fishing and it is a memory with much sentimental value as these were the first steps I took towards being an angler. I still recall, my first spinning reel I purchased cost RM 14 at the age of 9 and it was packed as a combo.

Being raised in a wage earner’s household, we did not have much cash to spare, hence I resorted towards ‘borrowing’ the money from my mother’s purse which resulted in a ‘gift’ from her…yeap, I got smacked real good for the stunt I pulled off, needless to say, it was the first and last time I ever stole ever again in my life.

My Ultralight Fishing Life

Back then, I was too little to understand or have the faintest of ideas to know what ultralight angling is all about actually. That and the given fact that the internet was close to being non-existent during my childhood days, the concept of ultralight angling was all but alien to me. Fishing / angling for me back then was to go out, fish, and come back with a feeling of being satisfied to be capable of bringing back a live catch for my family’s meal.

My very first encounter with ultralight angling began in 2005 when I tagged along for a fishing trip to Kedah (Malaysia) where I first met an individual who utilized tiny / mini sized fishing reels. I did not really pay attention to him and noticed his setup until I was preparing my angling setups. This may be a shocker, but back then, I was not much different than you as I was utilizing angling setups ranging from 60lb – 30lb with the intention of landing a fish in the swiftest manner possible without worrying about breaking my rod in the process.

But my faith and perception about angling was soon about to be changed when this individual passed me his ultralight setup to have a go. The experience that I encountered on that setup was akin to love at first sight, the thrill, the fight, the experience of landing similar sized fishes on my heavier setup is now a technical game with the fish that requires every ounce of technique, cunning and wit I possess just to land one. He gave me a lot of advise but what I can summarize is as follows:


It took me years to finally comprehend almost all there is to know about ultralight angling which was a result of many hours spent on reading, researching and even field testing theories I have formulated when it comes to ultralight angling and this practically made me who I am today as an angler. Despite unravelling most secrets associated with ultralight angling, I still thirst for more knowledge and am always open to my peers and like-minded anglers who share their experience and knowledge in the same field. I am a firm believer that ultralight angling is truly the way to go when it comes to fishing because it enables me to consistently push past my own limits and gain maximum satisfaction with the lightest angling setups that exist.

Fishing / angling is all about imagination and creativity and fulfilling angling as an activity without imagination is akin to fishing without a soul. The core context that fuels the ultralight angling is a community that supports the idea and a community who is not shy of trying new methods when it comes to angling. By instigating the growth of an ultralight angling community, the Facebook group known as Ultralight Anglers came into existence which then led to the creation of the “Kanicen Nix” Ultralight angling brand within the market.

Sharing is Caring

Kanicen is an adamant believer of sharing and contributing the moment we are successful because I believe sharing or contributing something which is positive, just begets more positive vibes all around. As such, he is ever willing and ready to guide, teach and shape new anglers to the ultralight scene to become seasoned and experienced ultralight anglers, as you may notice through this website, there are several links and pages pertaining to setups and how it can all be balanced in order to enjoy the apex of ultralight angling.

As such, Kanicen always advises new comers to the scene to pass on the knowledge and skills he has shaped them to develop in order to build a positive, supportive and passionate which will therefore enrich the Ultralight Angling arena as we work together towards exploring new horizons for ultralight angling.


The above segments pretty much sums up everything about Kanicen Nix up till date. Aside from being the founder of a web development company known as, Kanicen is also responsible to be the bedrock and foundation of brands and communities such as Kanicen Nix and Ultralight Anglers which are more focused towards the angling community. As with all things in life, I have had my fair share of failures and success along the way, and based on all my collated experience thus far, I have come to learn something important, in life, matters never occur or happen the way or manner we picture or plan it to be, however, when in times of doubt it is what we choose to do in the most trying of times which defines us and our accomplishments. And to this philosophy he holds in spearheading his brand, “Kanicen Nix” within the Ultralight Angling community.