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Big Eye Trevally / Cupak On Mambang Hitam Ultralight Jigging Rod

One of our supporters Abd Rahman shared us with amazing catches. He caught a huge Big Eye Trevally (locally known as Cupak) and Giant Trevally (locally known as Gerepoh) on Mambang Hitam our latest Ultralight Jigging rod. It took guts to try these species on ultralight fishing rod.

Congrats mate 😊. Hope you enjoyed the rod.

🎣 Fishing Rod: Kanicen Nix – Mambang Hitam 1-6lbs
🎣 Fishing Line: Kanicen Nix – Prototype 6lbs 300m Multicolor

Photos of Big Eye Trevally a.k.a Cupak On Mambang Hitam Ultralight Jigging Rod

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