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Blue Dotted Indian Ocean Grouper, Indonesia on Silau Spoon

We caught tons of species during our trip to Indonesia and mostly we don’t even know the fish ID. We just go with the local given name by friends who took us there.

We are amazed how good the fishing spot compared to all the spots we went before. Hairz Zer caught this Blue Dotted Indian Ocean Grouper at Indonesia with Silau spoon, Halus braided fishing line and prototype ultralight fishing rod.

Pelbagai spesis ikan dapat dinaikkan semasa trip kami ke Indonesia sehingga ada spesis yang langsung tidak kami kenal. Apa yang boleh kami buat ialah menerima gelaran yang diberi oleh penduduk tempatan.

Ikan Kerapu yang dikenali sebagai Blue Dotted Indian Ocean dipancing dgn menggunakan spoon Silau 7g.

🎣 Setup: Rod Prototype 1-6lb
🎣 Reel: Stradic 1000s
☑️ Line: Prototype 4lbs Halus
☑️ Leader: Prototype 6lbs
🧞 Lure: Silau Spoon 7g Silver
🐊 Snap: @ultralightanglers

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