Micro Spoon

Bluefin Trevally on Silau Spoon

Fishing for Bluefin Trevally in Indonesia can be a wonderful experience. For me, it is not always about catching the big one but enjoying the fight of a fish known as Sea Buffalo. The Bluefin Trevally found surrounding an island are small, with fish around 15 to 30 cm in length and around 200 to 500 grams in weight being quite common. But do not be surprised if monsters sneaking around hunting for food. Bluefin Trevally have the most beautiful blue fins you will ever see on the same species. These unique colors are what set them apart from larger trevally specimens.

All the Bluefin Giant Trevally caught is with our prototype ultralight fishing rod, Halus braided fishing line and Silau spoon as our main lure.

🎣 Setup: Rod Prototype 1-6lb
🎣 Reel: Twinpower 1000s
☑️ Line: Prototype 2lbs Halus
☑️ Leader: Prototype 6lbs
🧞 Lure: Silau Spoon 7g
🐊 Snap: Ultralight Anglers

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