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Kanicen Nix Brudu (First Generation) is a soft plastic worm style designed and created by Kanicen Nix has hit the market for small baits fanatics. It was impossible before to find small bait sizes from 1-2 inch around the market but now no more.


The results were incredible since lot of ultralight fishing anglers are now able to catch all smallest fish around which previously predicted as impossible except by fly fishing. Fish like Climbing Perch, Rasbora, Tilapia, Betta, Spanner Barb, Glass Catfish, Asiatic Knifefish and lot more are now possible with Kanicen Nix Brudu worm.

The Brudu worm has a natural curve to it by design. This natural curve makes the worm dance in the water unlike any other worm on the market. Conditions get tough or if you just want to catch a ton of fish then tie on a Brudu worm.

Kanicen Nix saw the potential of this small size worm and went to work to improve it and now released it as a improved version called it Brudu Multi Color (New Generation).


Colors: Burning Orange, Pink, Pearl White, Fluorescent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Green, Heart Red, Purple
Luminous: Burning Orange, Pink, Pearl White
UV: Fluorescent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Green, Heart Red, Purple
Weight: 0.2g
Length: 1.1in / 2.8cm
Quantity: 16 pcs per pack with 2 sizes Pari jighead
Species: All freshwater and saltwater fish
Rigs: Jig heads, worm hooks, drop shots, carolina, rubber jigs, etc.
Best Game: Ajing, Rock Fishing, Tarpon


The Brudu worm is among the best finesse baits on the market. One of the most effective methods of fishing the Brudu worm is rig wacky style on a drop shot with a 45-60cm leader. This method of fishing the Brudu worm utilizes the baits unique action on the free fall yet ensures the bait will reach the fish suspended near the bottom. We offer the Kanicen Nix Brudu Worm in one main size 1.1 inch (2.8cm).

The Kanicen Nix Brudu worm is a uniquely shaped soft plastic worm that possesses an incredible action and catches tons of various fish species. You can use the Brudu Worm from Kanicen Nix in countless ways like using wacky jig head wacky, drop shot wacky, drop shot, Texas rig or no matter how your rig it, the Brudu worm flat out catches fish.


Kanicen Nix has developed a specific Brudu Worm for Ajing enthusiasts. The Kanicen Nix Brudu Worm has a built-in multiple segments design, which creates a vibration that the fish cannot resist. The Brudu Worm is injected with secret ingredients of bait scent. The worm body is design at a perfect round angle for better hook setting and less snags. The best hook you can use for Brudu worms is one with a short shank to allow the worm more action. The tungsten weight allows the worm to sink faster and has a smaller head to create the right action.


BRUDU MULTI COLOR comes in 8 attractive colors with all injected with various flakes colors. you can now have all colors in one pack like Burning Orange, Pink, Pearl White, Fluorescent Green, Transparent Blue Flakes, Transparent Green Flakes, Heart Red and Purple. Each pack contains 16 pieces packed along with 2 flat head Pari Jig head and is sold at the reasonable price at both shops and online.

BRUDU MULTI COLOR worm also comes with luminous and UV for selected colors, making them look like small prawns in the water. So, you have tons of color options with better features.

Luminous & Ultra Violet Colors

Luminous: Burning Orange, Pink, Pearl White
UV: Fluorescent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Green, Heart Red, Purple


Buy ORIGINAL Brudu Multi Color (New Generation) Worms marked with KN our brand.


Price: RM15/pack
Total Colors Per Pack: 8 colors
Per Pack Quantity: 16 pcs
Free: 2 Flat Head Pari Jighead


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