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The drop shot sinker design is so versatile, making them perfect for any application. Every sinker is designed to slip its way through rocks and snags easily to make your fishing experience a breeze. They feature a sleek skinny or teardrop shape with a swivel embedded in the tip that cuts through the water on the drop, avoiding flutter, so that your bait lands where you want them to.

The versatility of drop shot sinkers, makes them suitable for various fishing applications. You can use for bottom dropping rigs, drop shot fishing, sabiki and similar types of bait jigs, off a beach or shore. The streamlined shape and the embedded swivel contribute to their effectiveness in different scenarios.

Here’s some benefits that can helps in your fishing:

  1. Versatility: Sinkers are versatile and can be used in a variety of fishing situations. Their design allows for easy maneuvering through rocks and snags, making them suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  2. Easy Navigation through Obstacles: The ability of sinkers to slip through rocks and snags easily is a valuable feature. This helps reduce the likelihood of getting snagged, allowing anglers to fish in areas with underwater obstacles.
  3. Sleek Sinkers Shape: The streamlined sinker shape minimizes water resistance, allowing the sinker to move smoothly through the water. This design enhances sensitivity, and the sinker can reach the desired depth efficiently.
  4. Swivel Embedded in the Tip: The embedded swivel in the tip of the sinker is a practical feature. It helps prevent line twists and ensures that the bait or lure drops without unnecessary fluttering, allowing for more accurate placement.
  5. Precise Bait Landing: The combination of the sinker shape and the swivel helps ensure that your bait lands precisely where you want it to. This can be crucial for targeting specific areas or fish species.
  6. Avoiding Flutter: The design of sinkers minimizes flutter during the drop, contributing to a more controlled and targeted fishing experience.

We have few types of drop shot sinkers which you can also rig it with our EWG weightless worm hook and each comes with its own features:

Teardrop Sinker

Weight available: 3.5g, 5g
Material: Lead
Quantity: 5 pcs/pack

Skinny Sinker

Weight available: 2.5g, 3.5g, 5g
Material: Lead
Quantity: 5 pcs/pack

Note: Lead materials are not smooth as tungsten materials.

Tungsten Skinny Sinker

Weight available: 2.7g
Material: Tungsten
Quantity: Loose unit

Tungsten Teardrop Sinker

Weight available: 3.5g
Material: Tungsten
Quantity: Loose unit

Our range of drop shot sinkers provide a distinct advantage when fishing straight down under the boat, and offers benefits for bottom fishing over a wreck or reef, and fishing on or around jetties or pilings.

These sinkers cast well in the wind which makes them ideal for any time of fishing even shore fishing.

Whether you want to drop shot into thick cover snags or across rock areas with heavy line, offshore structure with light line, our sinkers are offered in a limited range of sizes to suit ultralight fishing or BFS application or even drop shot fishing using all kind of rigging like drop shot, wacky, texas and carolina rig using our baits like Nyot Nyot worms.

Remember to consider the appropriate size and weight of drop shot sinkers based on your fishing conditions and target species. Additionally, always be aware of and adhere to local regulations regarding fishing gear and environmental considerations.



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