HALUS – Braided (EN)

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HALUS is made out of soft type 4x threads braid (100m). Our new product is produced based on countless hours of field testing to ensure it’s release enables Ultralight Anglers to enjoy an enhanced experience through ultralight angling.

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Constructed of 4 strands of PE braided fishing line is made of 4 threads of UHMWPE weavings materials. Hard, round, and yet soft, the new 4 weaves braid is knitted tightly to ensure the knots are of an optimum level. You will encounter minimal absorbtion of water, enjoy longer casts, encounter lesser wind knots, and also enables ultralight anglers to experience better sink rates for smaller baits regardless of it being soft baits, jig heads or hard lures.

Fibre Weavings Minimal Water Absorbtion


Our brand new product comes in three interesting colors:

  1. Pink (2lbs with dia. 0.10mm)
  2. Lime Green (4lbs with dia. 0.12mm)
  3. White (6lbs with dia. 0.14mm)


The line has been designed to suit the demands of all ultralight anglers but our main objective is for better visibility when angling, empowering you to control your soft baits and hard lures with enhanced efficiency.

Our lines are suitable for both spinning and bait casting due to its round shape. And most important you can use the line for both fresh water fishing and salt water fishing all day long without worrying on the quality.

HALUS’s line construction ensures you will have superior connection strength and incredible abrasion resistance which will eliminate and reduce all your usual woes with fishing lines.

Coated Outside For Abrasion Resistance

HALUS is the strongest, tough and most durable small diameter braid line currently available in the market. Our engineers designed it by using precision braiding and fiber technology that provides superior strength, roundness and consistency on the line.


HALUS benefits are:

  1. Small diameter increases capability of cutting water
  2. Reducing friction for every cast
  3. Our performance fibers improve abrasion resistance
  4. Increase casting distance and accuracy
  5. Reduce line vibration
  6. The fibers provide high strength & sensitivity
  7. Equipped with water-repellent protection
  8. Protected with high-tech coating outside
  9. Incredible resistant towards abrasion
  10. Incredible corrosive resistant
  11. Anti-UV
  12. Anti-incision
  13. Made of environmental friendly materials
  14. Strong, durable and tough
  15. Smoother lines
  16. Best for both freshwater and saltwater fishing

Updated Halus Prototype Beta Ver 2.0

There are few improvements which we have done based on the feedback given by our supporters. The enhancements we have made are:

  1. Improved coating on the line.
  2. Improved the packaging.
  3. Improved the colors.
  4. Improved few issues related to lines snapping.

So, why wait? Get HALUS the best ultralight fishing braided lines available in the market.

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