Kanicen Nix – LeeBass

Kanicen Nix

Introducing Kanicen Nix – Leebass; first ultralight rod designed, tuned, tested and produced in a mass production by Malaysian angler. Built exclusively for ultralight anglers who seek for robust rod.


The high demands in Malaysia fishing industry has made the step stone of this revolutionaries ultralight rod known as “LEEBASS” to meet local angler’s needs. Designed specifically for beginner and intermediate anglers, the idea has made this rod a must have with its flexibility and uniquely tuned for sensitivity, accuracy and most important strong built. The rod has been designed with the art of ultralight fishing by our local ultralight game icon; Kanicen Nix.

Extreme Experience. Maximum Satisfaction.

Why This Rod

The reason we start to build this rod is simply because of the trend and passion in Ultralight fishing. Through lots of observations and learning’s we noticed that many new anglers does not really understand what ultralight fishing is and they simply buy rod, reel and other accessories without even considering the proper way of matching it. To add, they used the same setup for all kind of fishes which I felt it’s not the right way to enjoy the game. With those in mind let us introduce you “LEEBAS” is a term that we took from our local language “LIBAS”. This rod is built for beginner and intermediate anglers or those who want to use one rod for all kind of fishes; all-rounders fishing. It is very much suitable for those who want a rod that can suit all purpose.


The “LEEBASS” rods are made of 30T (IM6 – 32 million modulus which is 1st generation) carbon blanks for strength retaining the sensitivity of top tip, with engineered coated blank to retain the strength in such a thin blank. The fast action rod is perfect for accuracy casts into tight pocket water for bass and tarpon. This is the perfect rod that has been tested with the fish like Peacock Bass, Indo-Pacific Tarpon, Patin, Amazon Red Tail, Snake Heads, Barramundi, Snapper, Grouper and many others local species. It has shown the rod will easily fold and absorb the impact of a struggling or jumping fishes, eliminating the hooks tearing out or snapping your line.

Finished off with a EVA body reel seat for super light and comfort, triple A grade EVA grips for weight reduction/sensitivity and high quality 7+1 Fuji Replica SIC guides for line protection and increased casting performance, the LEEBASS rods are matched perfectly with any spinning reel from the size 300 up to 1000. The reason to have many ring guides is simply because to assist in casting accuracy, to make sure the line flow out from the reel (any reel sizes) thru the guides smoothly and to protect the rod when continuously fighting with the big and heavy fishes constantly. Since the target market for this rod is for all-rounder users so it suits perfectly with slightly stiff rod because of many guides that will help into pushing and land the fish.

The sizes of guides are (from big guide to tip top):

– #25, #16 – Replica Fuji KLAG;
– #10, #8, #6, #5, #5 – Replica Fuji KTAG;
– #5 – Custom Top Tip.

The light of EVA tends to transmit rod vibration almost better than any other materials. These superior ultralight actions come in only 6’0 for a combination of casting power with light lures – shock absorbing action to handle strong fish on ultra-fine lines. The soft tip is ultra-sensitive and able to cast lures with ease, accurately every time and when you do hook-up the light & good grip butt section is helping to extract even the toughest fish to assure even distribution of resin and carbon for maximum power and sensitivity. And without doubts fish fighting qualities are guaranteed.

The stylish grip design with shinning black blanks against the gold accessories, this rod satisfy the needs of trendy rod design. The cost performance is no longer for entry rod. It is the standard rod which we can use habitually forever. The airy casting ability, the high sensitivity, the power which doesn’t lose to big one, a lot of the line-up and everything make real ultralight anglers satisfied.




Test, Test and Test

To add, the rod has been tested for more than 8 months to make sure the quality is acceptable and the rod is suitable for the market. The result is beyond our expectation. It’s all started with Prototype 1 which then continued with version 2 and version 3 rods after going through few modifications and various testing processes. The rod has been tested with few phases of Quality Check (QC) on all aspects covering things like:

1. Rod Materials
2. Various Sensitivity & Endurance Testing
3. Guides Quality
4. Accessories Quality
5. Rod Binding
6. Epoxy Coating
7. Accuracy
8. and many other aspects…


This rod is our first try. It has taken long journey to understand the best methods in a mass rod production. The process of designing the rod, multiple on-fields testing, satisfying the needs, various fish targets, understanding the market and many other factors that summarizes the completed rod. It’s challenging but definitely a fun journey.

The best rod designers are also great anglers. This is simply because they know what they really need to produce a good rod.

After personally used, fishing and tested tons of rods over the past 15 years, one thing has become clear to me; the best rods in the world have come from rod designers who are also some of the best anglers that really understand fishing is fun and it’s just a hobby.

They really understand how the rods need to perform and how it has to be designed. It’s all about perfection for the type of fishing they want.

“Leebass” has been designed with those in minds.

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Malaysian brand. This is our first rod made by Malaysian. We hope you have witnessed our capability and our passion into bring this vision to another dimension. The only thing we require from you is support our product and share our product. Let it VIRAL. Tell everyone about our products.

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