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The Inspiration

Everyone will be laughing how we got the inspiration for “SENGAT”. It happened about more than a year (November 24, 2012-2017) ago when Kanicen Nix (the inventor) went for a fishing trip and got stung by bees and it left 12 marks on him. That’s when the whole idea of SENGAT popup and we started to work on it.

SENGAT is in our language means STUNG. Kanicen Nix then decided to use the term “Sengat” because he believes this rod will be able to carry good branding for local and also able to give great pleasure to anglers. We are still smiling every time he talked about it. It really brings extra motivation to just do it properly.

Exclusively “SENGAT” is the first of its kind in the world to be created for Indo-Pacific Tarpon. This is the category invented by Kanicen Nix for South East Asian anglers who love hunting Tarpon but it doesn’t stop only to this region. It’s suitable for all kind of game related to similar fish sizes. All these while we have been using different category rod and it seem to be limited since not maximizing the real game of catching Indo-Pacific Tarpon. Now it’s time to change and try something more challenging and tune for the game. Introducing “SENGAT” our very own rod created for the NEW fish category called “INDO-PACIFIC TARPON” designed by our Malaysian Ultralight icon and trend setter Kanicen Nix.

The whole idea designing this rod is simplicity and as lightest as possible for the maximum feel when the fish strike. Almost every part of this rod has been customized to suit the needs of the game. Basically, you are getting a CUSTOM PREMIUM rod at cheap price.


Designed for Indo Pacific Tarpon at Affordable Price


The Length, Lure Weight, The Action & The Poundage

For spinning and bait casting we decided to go with 6’7 and 6’4 in length because it’s just perfect for Tarpon and it balances with most anglers who love long rods. The best game for this rod is definitely soft baits but any small lures covering top water and cranks with sizes 5cm and below should give you the pleasure. Anglers will surely feel the movements of the lures at every section of the rod. This is the reason we took more than a year to test it on the field.

For Indo-Pacific Tarpon we believe moderate-fast action rod is the best to go. We fine tune the rod so that every angler able to strike the fish and handle it with the maximum feels when the fish strike. It’s just perfect to absorb the momentum when the fish strike and doing all kind of acrobatic.

The rod comes with only one poundage rating between 1-6lbs (general poundage so everyone can use) with 5g maximum lure weight with the ability to cast as light as 0.5g lures. Ability to cast out as low as 0.5g weight lures shows how sensitive the rod going to be. You will definitely feel on every strike.

The Blank

This process has been a real challenge because we have to match the different anglers experience (our target market with different range of expertise and knowledge) and also the game Indo-Pacific Tarpon. It took us almost 7 months to confirm on the blank only and finally we decided to go with 12K fine carbon with 24T high modulus blank which has a very sensitive section at the top part and slightly hard on the bottom section to absorb the pressure. The density of the high carbon blank gives great strength and ultra-sensitive blank for the game we intended. The blank construction takes high concentration since it’s very fine that require qualified engineer.

The whole blank production has been manufactured by experienced rod manufacturer to suit our needs. And this has taken tons of efforts, costs and time to produce one that satisfied.

The Wrap

The K-Cloth technology on the blank is specifically has been designed to give extra strength to the rod with sensitivity is maintained at highest standard. The K-Cloth will assist the anglers handling the fish from the low-structure area avoiding unintended cause.

Slim blank on the bottom allow to absorb the impact of bigger fish with lifting power and extra slim tip section allow the angler to feel each strikes that make the rod is just perfect for Indo-Pacific Tarpon. And gloss finishing makes the whole idea of the rod look classy.

With different level of anglers in mind we wrap the rod with K-Cloth Technology to give extra protection on the blank while maintaining the sensitivity. The wrapping thickness has been measured properly so that it doesn’t disturb the rod performance. This rod will perform flawlessly for the game it was created.

Guides, Handles, Accessories & Theme

For spinning and casting it comes with customized split reel seat with rear grip and butt cork and finished it with slim high-grade carbon fore grip (reel locker) give extra premium look that cannot be resisted. This whole handle section is lighter than conventional reel seats.

High grade KR Concept Guides are used with neat finish on wrapping. The sizes and the types of the guides have been selected based on target fish. We balance and match it with the blank but of course price affordability is another factor we look seriously.

The theme used is related to the bees to make sure the anglers getting the feel of the whole idea behind the rod development. Metallic orange win checks and with metal orange finishing make the whole things about the rod looks classy as high-end expensive rod.

Casting Dimension

The technology of the blank has made the whole process of catching the fish is more fun and give indescribable feelings. For the anglers it will definitely test your skills and techniques to catch one and the best part of all this is it will bring you to explore new dimension of fishing.

Slim design blank made it easy to flip, cast and crank. We balanced the rod with high-grade handles to make sure the anglers get the feel not only when fish strikes but also allow them to have full comfort when handling fish.

Casting lure weight as low as 0.5g up to 7g will be the challenge for anglers to improve their casting skills and techniques but this won’t be the problem because we have made the rod ease of cast any lures within the specs. Our years of experience and research show us that anything from 5cm and below with weight below 7g will be the best “cheat code” to hunt Indo-Pacific Tarpon. You will surely get more strikes than then big baits. We understand the fish diets and that’s how we balance the rod with lure weights and other necessary elements to make it perfect. And of course casting accuracy is always our priority in making a rod.


Sensitivity is the KEY to the rod development and to the game we anticipated. It’s the only way to make sure every angler enjoy THE GAME – Indo-Pacific Tarpon using our rod “SENGAT”. We aware the sizes of Indo-Pacific Tarpon; so every strike you get you need the highest “FEEL” and only with sensitive rod you can get those.

Any bait used likes soft baits, top water or minnow the anglers will be able to feel it movements. The tip section will vibrate on every crank or even when it touches weeds. The degree of sensitivity is simply addicting.

The Future

“SENGAT” has been a revolutionary to the new game category “INDO-PACIFIC TARPON”. It took determination; years of experience and TIME to produce a rod that suits for anglers that enjoy the ADDICTING game that require skills, techniques and variation in efforts.

We hope this rod will give the anglers maximum satisfaction that they are looking when hunting Indo-Pacific Tarpon or any similar type of fish with the same characteristics. This new revolutionary category will definitely be the future into new area of fishing category and industry that intend to create different environment in fishing.

The reason we created this NEW fishing game is simply because we aim to educate the anglers to understand our very own fish species with more specific and use proper setup to suits the game that sync to our location, style and environment.

Our fish, our rod, our game!

That’s the direction we intend to go, educate and LEAD.

The MUST Have

Without doubt every angler that enjoys Indo-Pacific Tarpon must have this as the ultimate rod for Tarpon fishing. This is the first of its kind to be created by a true ultralight angler that always looking for extreme experience. The Indo-Pacific Tarpon fishing game is moving to a new height with every element is measured to produce the rod at highest quality that possible.

This CUSTOM PREMIUM rod has been created took lots of costs, time and efforts that will be sold at cheapest rate. It’s a must have rod.


“SENGAT” is inspired and designed by Malaysian ultralight angler Icon “Kanicen Nix” who is known as Ultralight Trend Setter. This has been the new innovation of fishing category and revolution in the ultralight game that no man has done before for this kind of species.

The concept and the idea behind the whole process of the rod development craft the game the creator aim for.

NEW Innovation of Indo-Pacific Tarpon category rod that has been created by Kanicen Nix.

We Need Your Support

This is our second in the list but first category fishing rod created by Malaysian. Our satisfaction comes only when you satisfied with the end product quality and appreciate the value of the rod that took us years to develop it. VIRAL is the only thing we require from you to show your support. SHARE it and tell everyone about our “SENGAT”.

With only your support and positive feedback will help us to grow.

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