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Foong Chee Keat: Baby Hampala / Sebarau on Kanicen Nix Micro Spoon and Sailang Ultralight Rod

Foong caught sebarau hampala on kanicen nix micro spoon

Sunday seem too calm. Gave boss a call and within 2 minutes we set for a trip to Hulu Langat our common fishing spot for Hampala and Channa Lucius. Hampala locally known as Sebarau and Channa Lucius known as Bujuk is our main targets.

The boss also decided to do field-testing for our upcoming products; a fishing line and few soft bait and micro spoon. It took us an hour to reach the destination and without wasting time we start to prepare all the tools and head straight to the stream.

We started off with our new wobbler tail soft bait aiming for Bujuk but seem empty and we slowly headed downstream and keep trying casting. The water is cold and its nice feeling. Cast after cast still no luck until I changed to Kanicen Nix micro spoon and then only got a strong hit by unknown species; didn’t expect it actually and it’s a miss. I kept repeating the same spot, finally a hit again and this time I didn’t miss it; landed one beautiful baby hampala. We snap few photos and released it safely.

kanicen nix stream fishing foong micro spoon catch

We continue cast along the stream and we could see few juvenile Sebarau chasing the micro spoon. We got few soft hits and could be felt on the Sailang rod due to the rod sensitivity. Then I got another solid bite and managed to hook another baby hampala. We took photos and released.

Foong caught sebarau hampala on kanicen nix micro spoon

We kept going around an hour plus without any luck. Just before we plan to call it a day another fierce hit around the weeds just along the fast current stream. The drag came out but the fish managed to escape. Anyway, we enjoyed the trip and getting back to nature is something we all should do and repeat. It gave me room for relaxing and getting out from hectic office workload.

hampala sebarau fishing beautiful fishing spot clear stream water

sebarau stream fishing beautiful fishing spot

We had a great Sunday. Baby hampala / sebarau gave us some fun and definitely will repeat again for our next aiming bujuk / channa lucius. We headed back with lots of smiles. Stay tune for my next fishing trip report.

P/S: By the way, the boss caught baby hampala too but that will be his story 🙂

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