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Foong Chee Keat: Peacock Bass Heaven Every Cast One Fish

foong chee keat caught 48cm peacock bass

A trip that was planned few weeks ago with boss and the objective of the trip is to test some of the upcoming Grenti Strike soft bait and few pieces of upcoming ultralight rods.

We, Kanicen, Raja and I, start traveling by car around midnight from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Perak meeting up with another friend Vincent early in the morning. We met around 6:00am in the morning and head straight to the fishing spot before sunrise because that is the peak time when monsters looking for foods.

early morning at the fishing spotFishing spot is full of weeds and we are like “wowwwww” felt that this could be peacock bass heaven and its time to hunt for monsters.  We need to plan for some strategies as the ordinary casting method definitely would not work here if we are chasing for monster size peacock bass.

fishing spots with weedsI pick up the upcoming 3-6lb Kanicen Nix bass type rod, setting up the new softbait called “Geli-Geli” on weedless jighead and drop it to the bottom. Technique is simple as fast jerk from the bottom and drop it back. So, its just jerk and drop. Juvenile peacock bass seems attracted to the fluorescent colored soft bait and we are getting uncountable strikes. I noticed this new material of this Grenti Strike softbait is extremely durable. After getting massive lots of strikes the soft bait is still in good condition without any damages and I felt this is impressive!!

all juvenile peacock bassAfter getting fun with lots of juvenile peacocks, i took out 7g micro jig to test with the rod. I felt that this rod performed well bait weight from 3-7g lures. The tip is a bit stiffer compared to the previous rods but yet the rod sensitivity is still awesome. It made jerking and twitching easier for heavier lure. We kept trying our luck digging from bottom of the lakes using all kind of baits and techniques.

beautiful peacock bass on grenti strike geli geliAnd finally our efforts is paid off when the rod is tested with a monster. Hard pull real tough test! A 46cm peacock bass monster landed! Do watch the video below:

It wont be fun without photos…

foong with 46cm peacock bass peacock 46cm with grenti strikeFor the evening session, I have change my plan to use another technique; a drop shot as the weather is hot, fish activity is slow and I felt that the need to change strategy and the aim is to dig for a monster peacock bass that hiding under the weeds.

KN Grenti Strike Brudu

This time I opted to use drop shot with the upcoming 4cm Grenti Strike “Brudu” soft bait. Slow twitch and drop back to bottom is necessary on the hot weather since they become passive at this time. And my determination paid off with another 48cm peacock bass. Watch video below:

Some photos taken…

48cm peacock bass on brudu
48cm monster

foong chee keat caught 48cm peacock bassCaught two monsters peacock bass and tons of various sizes; I had great feeling the soft baits we are testing will be loved by all others. Our strategies works as planned and efforts is paid off. Product testing is successful what else I can complaint about? I just can’t wait to get back to the lakes in near future to dig for bigger peacock bass.

See you again guys…

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