Micro Spoon

Grenti Strike – Micro Spoon

About Grenti Strike – Micro Spoon

We at Kanicen Nix covers varieties of fishing baits and this include micro spoon. Our micro spoons has been produced and built exclusively for specialized ultralight anglers that love for stream or river fishing. Our spoons are created for mainly fish like sebarau/hampala and tengas/copper mahseer but of course you can always use for any other fish that seem possible.

Few models will be released soon:

  1. Red Wobbler (3g & 7g)
  2. Cop Dancer (1.0g & 1.7g)

All our micro spoons has been designed and engineered by Kanicen Nix. As always we will take countless efforts to bring it on the field and proof it works perfectly before we launch it. We make sure all our baits looks natural so that fish won’t hesitate to make a strike.

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