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Halus: Braided Fishing Line Prototype Ver 2.0

HALUS Prototype Beta Ver 2.0 braided fishing line is finally released to the market.

Overall the feedback we have received over the past few months has been amazing! Everyone is really happy with the fishing lines.

The common feedback we are getting highlights the smoothness of the line, simplicity to cast, great knot strengths, and superb line abrasion results.

Out of 1500 rolls from our Halus Fishing Line Prototype Version 1.0, we have identified only 6 minor issues. And all these issues have been addressed to the buyers by replacing them with new lines.

halus braided fishing line image

There are few improvements which we have done based on the feedback given by our supporters. The enhancements we have made to the braided fishing line are:

  1. Improved coating on the line.
  2. Improved the packaging.
  3. Improved the colors.
  4. Improved few issues related to lines snapping.

We hope the improved Halus Braided Fishing Line Prototype Beta 2.0 version will give better performance to all anglers.

Thanks all for the support.

You can read more about our braided fishing line at:

Braided Fishing Line

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Kanicen Nix


Kanicen Nix

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Kanicen Nix