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Hunting Bluefin Trevally? When Is The Best Time To Fish At Flat Water?

Fishing at flat water can be painful if you are not sure when to fish and what to use. This is because if you don’t have any idea best and active time you going to be pissed. So, when is the best time to fish at flat water?

Honestly, if you are in Maldives you can go at anytime but if you are in this Southeast Asia region you really need to plan and get to know the details before you start fishing.

Personally, I would recommend during low tide and high tide. At this period, most predators especially Bluefin Trevally, Giant Trevally, other Trevally species and Queen Fish are active.

Not only that other corals fish like Wrass, Groupers, Snappers, Parrot fish are among other fish that actively hunts during this period. The best spot to cast is around the wave breaker just right behind the wave where the predators normally swim looking for bait fish, minor squid, octopus, mantis shrimp, lobsters and other crustaceans.

You can hunt them anytime because they can be found hanging around the islands, water breaker, drop off, bays, lagoons and shallow reefs.

For shallow or flat-water, Silau spoon is highly recommended since you can cast and retrieve fast just right above/between the coral reefs. Strike rate is high because you can control the speed when retrieving and fish able to see the shinning body flashes. If there’s water breaker just cast over the wave and retrieve it fast to attract monsters or if there is lots of reef, corals just cast along the corals you should be able to attract any fish around it.

Jigs, poppers, pencils, spoons, flies all work well but personally you should try Silau spoon because it works well with Bluefin Trevally any other fish that play around the flat water.

Indonesian flat water is one of the best around Southeast Asia. Tons of Trevally species usually hanging around the island like Bluefin, Big Eye Trevally and the big brother Giant Trevally.

This Bluefin Trevally which is known as “Runner” is caught on Silau spoon 7g by Kanicen Nix using prototype ultralight fishing rod on 2lb Halus braided fishing line and 4lbs prototype shock leader.

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Ikan ini ditewaskan dengan setup prototype rod ultralight digabungkan dengan tali pancing Halus 2lb serta shock leader 4lbs.

Soalan: Bilakah waktu yang sesuai untuk mancing dikawasan flat water?

Jawapan: Air tengah pasang atau air tengah surut adalah waktu yang paling sesuai. Ikan akan bertambah galak lebih-lebih lagi spesis pemangsa keluarga Gerepoh seperti GT, Bluefin dan Cupak. Spesis lain yang juga aktif dimasa ini ialah Kerapu, Bayan, Tetanda, Talang dan sebagainya. Buat lontaran (Casting) ke arah ombak pecah (dibelakang ombak) mampu memikat pemangsa-pemangsa yang bersaiz besar.

Persekitaran laut di Indonesia adalah antara kawasan flat water fishing yang terbaik di Asia Tenggara. Ini kerana kawasannya yang terjaga, pulau-pulaunya yang sentiasa dilindungi oleh marin antara sebab utama ikan terlalu banyak yang boleh dipancing hanya dengan berdiri di tepi pulau.

Bluefin atau Gerepoh Sirip Biru ditewaskan dengan umpan padu Silau 7g oleh Kanicen Nix. Ikan yang ditewaskan ini dikenali sebagai “Runner” kerana sikapnya yang suka memecut selaju yang boleh kedepan bukan seperti species Gerepon yang lain yang kebiasaannya akan menuju ke karang atau reba yang ada.

Jika anda memancing dikawasan seperti ini cubalah spoon Silau ini.

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