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Kanicen Nix is a known creator for his passion in bringing ultralight fishing game to a whole new level. Few years ago, Kanicen Nix has created a world’s first Indo-Pacific Tarpon rod. This rod has taken by storm. The idea behind the brand is to implement a new range of ultralight fishing game which usually on freshwater but is has all changed since ultralight fishing become THE game.


Saltwater fishing with jigs, having the best ultralight jigging rod is very important. And for ultralight jigging rod especially, it is the most important element of a jigging setup responsible for imparting the jerky up and down motions to give the jig proper action and attract fish while transmitting any bite to the angler’s hand. Once the persuading is successful and a fish is hooked, the rod takes a fish fighting role and hauls fish from bottom depth or heavy cover.

For the Ultralight jigging enthusiasts this is a must have rod. It is elastic rod with a sensitive rod tip. The jig needs to have a presentable action. The presentation of the jig is mostly dependable on the blank technology and the jigger itself. The functionality of jerking motions on the game has been improved to enhance one of the most important attributes required in the jigging game. Amazing action combined with good line tension makes this rod an ideal choice for ultralight jigging.


On the other hand, a good jigging rod must satisfy set of requirements. Most important is, it should be lightweight so it is comfortable to pull up and down for hours without fatigue, flexible enough to bend completely when fighting fish yet tough and strong enough to take the vertical jerking motion of suitable jigs and with a lot of backbone to handle not only fair game fish but also a large and strong game fish such as grouper, snapper, amberjack, mangrove jack, and giant trevally since we can never predict what will eat the bait.

It takes passionate craftsmanship to build such delicate yet robust ultralight jigging fishing rods. You can now OWN the best rod for jig fishing that meets the above requirements with our latest ultralight fishing rod.


Introducing our latest rod creation called Mambang Hitam. It is THE FIRST Ultralight Jigging rod created specially made for Kayak anglers and small boat jiggers.

Mambang Hitam is a perfect partner for Kayakers and Ultralight Jigging Anglers. This rod literally brings anglers to a new dimension of ultralight jigging especially within the range of 10-30 meters depth.

To live up to the honour of being Ultralight Trend Setter in Southeast Asia this ultralight jigging rod has gone through a thorough design process to ensure that an angler’s senses are heightened when fishing with this rod.

Ideal rod for anglers targeting pelagic fish species.



Mambang Hitam is a product of obsession with lightweightness in the realm of sensitivity. It is the ultimate rod for ultralight jigging game. The rod is produced using high grade Japanese blanks that enhanced sensitivity and stress-free jigging fun all day.

Built on high quality and proven technology as all our previous rods, this ultralight jigging rod has an improved rod strength, all thanks to the new blank core construction design. We construct the rod using strips of carbon fibre to create the core of the rod and it has tremendously increased the torsion resistance of the blank.

Sharing all the characteristics of its more expensive brands, the Mambang Hitam gives you the best stability between sensitivity and balance.


Designed especially for ultralight jigging specialist with custom reel seat with a unique design handle hood area ensures better palming during fishing. It is a versatile saltwater jigging rod with attractive styling and comfortable EVA grip.

For Kayak Anglers you can use it to perform jigging activity and when are you bored with vertical game you can use as a casting rod. This is another main feature along with soft tip to achieve long cast and reinforced butt for added power to put large pelagic under control.

The rod provides jiggers with excellent control on wild dashing reef species, offering anglers ultimate sensations. Dreams come true for anglers looking for a light-weight sensitive option.


With a length of 6 feet, and rated at 1-6lbs, this is best suited for ultralight jigging fishing. This rod is not an ordinary jigging rod, it is only 93 grams in total weight, enough to cast or for jig fishing light as 1 gram up to 7 grams for spinning setup and 2 grams to 7 grams for bait casting setup.

To achieve the lightweight overall weights of 93 grams, both spinning and bait casting rods come with a customized KR Concept guides that best suits the concept of ultralight jigging. The guides have been carefully selected to ensure anglers able to enjoy the game to its limits. Solely devoted to anglers who face all types of challenges from kayaks jigging or small boat jigging game.


Mambang Hitam in our local language means Black Ghost so it got to be black, creepy look and feel. The blank come in glossy black and wrapped with black and silver threads. The main text on the blank is in inspiring Turquoise Blue captivating sea-green stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquillity, protection, good fortune, and hope. We built it with the idea of refreshing, joy, friendship and emotionally balance.

We believe the overall look and feel of the rod theme will give you some inspiration for better fishing.


What makes this ultralight jigging rod stand out?

  2. Rugged yet extremely lightweight.
  3. EVA handle comfort.
  4. Enhanced sensitivity for successful hook-ups.
  5. Top notch quality and service.
  6. Completely parabolic for ease of fighting fish.
  7. Tough and strong for handling big fish and durability.
  8. A versatile fishing rod for Kayakers and small boat jiggers.
  9. Well balanced rod.
  10. Ergonomic reel seat.
  11. Beautiful rod with turquoise blue accents.
  12. Sensitive tip section for responsiveness.
  13. Good backbone and strength.
  14. Comes with a thick customized protective bag.


Looking for a versatile saltwater ultralight jigging rod?

Look no more. Mambang Hitam is the WORLD’S FIRST and THE BEST finished off with a premium aggressive styling, this is one ultralight jigging rod that all anglers should have especially if you are a kayak jigger or a small boat jigger.

It is an entry saltwater ultralight jigging rod packed with excellent components with an action to suit modern day jigging. Custom made, economical lightweight jigging rod suitable for a wide variety of saltwater fishing, such as queen fish, trevally species, seabass, squid, groupers and snappers.

A simple no frills jigging rod that’s big on features but small on price.

Kanicen Nix is known as a custom brand that provide a variety of fishing rods with high quality design, materials, and construction tech delivering a fantastic fishing experience for anglers.

Go further with one rod. Compatible with a wide range of fishing styles. A global ultralight jigging rod you can bring across the world.

So, look no more. Mambang Hitam is your ideal ultralight jigging rod.


MAMBANG HITAM is reasonably sold at RM369.00 online for local and surrounding countries. For oversea and bulk purchases or further custom designs, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


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