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Over the past few years our customers have requested affordable ultralight rods. We heard that and decided to fulfill their demand. So, we started having discussion with the production engineer and came up with some design during COVID pandemic.

The rod entire idea was created based on Leebass, our highest value fishing rod for collectors and Sailang our bestselling ultralight rods.

And we called it “SEBAT” in English it means SMACK.


Since Leebass and Sailang are bass type fishing rods, we feel SEBAT should be in the same game area which best suits all-rounder freshwater anglers. So, it’s a combination of different ideas into one to make the rod more adaptable. You get the toughness of Leebass and the sensitivity of Sailang. And it came in both spinning and bait casting rod.


The 24T blank is sensitive and robust for a bass type rod. You can feel the balance for easy smooth casting, getting maximum vibration and being able to absorb high pressure during a fight.


The rod comes only one length of 6’6 for both Spinning and Bait Casting to accommodate for all-rounder ultralight fishing experience. The rod is tuned as effectively for any ultralight game and able to cast lightweight jig head from 2g up to 7g and operating both hard baits and soft baits lures with high sensitivity and high response. You can cast up to 7g rig comfortably and keep large jungle perch, peacock bass or snakeheads under control at your will.

Line recommendation poundage for SEBAT is suggested at 2-6lbs with Fast Action rod. It will add extra benefits for anglers that want to enjoy both soft baits and hard baits games. SEBAT is a technical model that emphasizes operability and castability.

As an angler, you always face various situations where you need to cast a better distance, cast at challenging spots and catch various species. For that, we recommend you choose this new ultralight fishing rod by Kanicen Nix called SEBAT. Thanks to massive blank power and high-carbon technology.

The tip section offers great sensitivity, you can feel a small bite of fish. Of course, with some additional technical knowledge, you can cast and manipulate sinker, plug or metal jig without any stress. The rod is equipped with the latest technologies far better than our previous two models (Leebass and Sailang) where your lures casting will be improved with a sharper casting feel.


First generation SEBAT theme is BLACK EDITION with silver accessories and gloss blank finishing which covers the entire rod. It displays the superior look and feel with the combination of cork handle and EVA lock nut and butt grip.

Since this will be an all-rounder game rod, we use mostly EVA finishing to reduce the weight of the rod. Both spinning and bait casting comes with customized reel seat with cork rear grip. It gives an extra exclusive look that cannot be resisted. This whole handle section is lighter that allows for ease cast and smooth grip.

All the accessories chosen like KR-Concept guides, EVA, cork handle, hook keeper and others are used with neat finish and value for your investment. The combination and selection of these parts is based on the target fish, so it is well balanced and matched it with the whole rod idea and purposes.

Compared to our affordable previous models (Leebass and Sailang), this will become your long-term model as an all-rounder bass game rod.


The BOSS designed and created SEBAT ultralight rod personally for you. He heard your voices craving for an all-rounder ultralight game. It took us a couple of years to plan and execute the production. It has never been easy because of the market situation. Everything is getting pricey nowadays, but your determination is the key success for us to produce a good and affordable rod.

Thank you.


  1. Poundage (lbs): 2-6
  2. Length (ft): 6’6
  3. Power: UL
  4. Action: Fast
  5. Section: 2
  6. Tip diameter (mm): 1.2
  7. Butt diameter (mm): 10.0
  8. Guides type: KR Concept
  9. Reel seat type: IPS & TCS
  10. Eva type: Custom 70
  11. Blank materials: 24T
  12. Blank weight (g): 34.8
  13. Total Rod weight (g): 95 (S) / 110 (BC) +-


SEBAT ultralight fishing rod is reasonably sold at affordable price. For oversea and bulk purchases or further custom designs, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


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