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Launched: Kanicen Nix – Mambang Hitam Ultralight Jigging Rod

Introducing our latest rod Mambang Hitam – Ultralight Jigging Rod specially made for Kayakers and small boat jiggers.

Mambang Hitam is a perfect partner for Kayakers and Ultralight Jigging Anglers. This rod literally brings anglers to a new dimension of ultralight jigging.

For the Ultralight jigging enthusiasts this is a must have rod. It is elastic rod with a sensitive rod tip. The jig needs to have a presentable action. The presentation of the jig is mostly dependable on the blank technology and the jigger itself. The functionality of jerking motions on the game has been improved to enhance one of the most important attributes required in the jigging game. Amazing action combined with good line tension makes this rod an ideal choice for ultralight jigging.

For more information about our Mambang Hitam – Ultralight Jigging Rod and to order you can visit the link below.


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