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Hunting Queensland grouper can never be easy due to the existence has now begun to be threatened. We somehow managed to land few although the weather is not on our side for few days and the efforts we put is beyond normal.

Queensland grouper is one of the most beautiful grouper but don’t get intimidated by its beauty because a good size grouper can be a badass and can really push your adrenaline. It is one of the strongest fish resided around mangrove area in Semporna, Sabah.

There are plenty of other fish resided in Semporna, Sabah like Mangrove Jack and common grouper. Almost every structure along the river, the Mangrove Jack will be the first one to attack the lures. For Mangrove Jack we basically using our travel rod Melencong with Upgraded 2lbs braided fishing line, Lasak fluorocarbon shock leader and our upcoming prototype spinning fishing reel.

We plan to visit the place again somewhere in September. So, stay tune for more updates.

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