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Short But Sweet Trip To Hunt Barramundi

A friend came down from Penang and we went for a short trip. We did not expect it to be an impressive trip. Initial plan was to have a half day session, just more on relaxing after not seeing each other for more than a year turned out to be sweet and full of fun.

We managed to land more than 8 Barramundi and few Tilapia. One caught with Geli Geli worms and the rest with our new generation Brudu Multicolor worms.

🎣 Setup: Travel Rod Melencong 1-6lb
🎣 Reel: Kanicen Nix – Prototype
☑️ Line: 2lbs Halus Upgraded
☑️ Leader: LASAK 11.9lbs
🧞 Lure: Brudu Multicolor
🐛 Jighead: Pari 2g
🐊 Snap: KN Snap Size 0

Tips To Catch Barramundi

When hunting wild Barramundi there are few basic tips you need to know:

  1. Understand water tides – Barramundi is active when low and high tides.
  2. Strike zones (habitat) – There are common strike zones for Barramundi. They always wait around slow current area.
  3. Water conditions (colors) – Important to know for bait selection and active level.
  4. Suitable baits color – Choosing bait colors based on water conditions.
  5. Suitable bait sizes (diet) – Choose bait sizes based on bait fish sizes and also common Barramundi sizes around the area.

Hope this helps.

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Kanicen Nix


Kanicen Nix

Kanicen Nix – Geli Geli Gold Rush Jembalang

Kanicen Nix