Kanicen Nix

Kanicen Nix single hooks is perfect to replace trebles on all small or medium fresh or saltwater lures. It is ideal for fishing in areas with lot of grass or structures area and best choice for swapping out stock treble hooks on hard baits. It made Kanicen Nix Single Hook offers less damaging to fish and ideal for pre-fishing and practicing catch-and-release.


The hooks are made of high carbon steel materials so it’s really sharp. Our single hooks come in few variations of sizes:

  1. #6 (16mm) – 10kg
  2. #4 (19mm) – 14kg
  3. #2 (21mm) – 17kg
  4. #1 (24mm) – 20kg
  5. #1/0 (26mm) – 28kg

The hooks come with wider/larger eye for better performance where it sits in-line with the body for a more streamlined and snag-free performance. It also offers flexibility on choosing the right split ring sizes.

It includes Black Chrome Nano coating finish for faster penetration and increased invisibility with sticky sharp Super Needle Point hook.

Note: Treble hook sizing varies between manufacturers.


  1. The flat beating and flattening process is implemented to increase the longitudinal tensile strength of the fishhook.
  2. It is not easy to be straighten when fighting with a large fish, increasing the fish lifting rate.
  3. The high carbon steel wire ensures the elasticity of the fishhook and the hardness of the hook tip.


Price: RM10.00
Per Pack Quantity: 10 pcs


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