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The Journey of Kanicen Nix – Sailang Custom Design Ultralight Rod

Greetings all,

The journey to produce Kanicen Nix – Sailang custom design ultralight rod is one of the most difficult experiences we’ve had so far. Too many obstacles we’ve face in the process of producing it. We are grateful given the opportunity to learn lots of things that cannot be measured with dollars.

To date we have sold 925 pcs of Sailang rods including the first batch of 500 pcs and second batch 425 pcs. This came as results of supporters. Not to forget the efforts done by Kanicen Nix’s Pro Staff team.Kanicen Nix Sailang

Sailang Motive

The Game of Attitude.

Our main purpose to name “Sailang” is to create a healthy community in the arena. We want to bring you back to childhood where we keep fishing together with friends without any political issues, religious issues, race and issues of rich and poor.

Childhood is an unforgettable memory as it is the sweetest thing in our lives. It’s hard to explain in words but I believed you will understand the fun you had during younger days.

fishing memory

So keep “Sailang” your friends ethically. Keep away from any criticisms, dissatisfaction issues and it’s not worth to damage your relationship with friends that share the same hobby.

Our second goal is to provide supporters who want to try out custom design rods. Followers might be wondering why all our previous models expensive than this model. The main reasons are:

– We do RND for years;
– We produce the rod as an angler who understands your soul as ultralight anglers;
– Our rods are 100% custom design;
– We put our souls when designing and producing the rods.

And the most important reason is each of our rods has a motive. There are trends that we carry along whenever we produce a rod. That’s why we carry the slogan “Ultralight Trend Setter”. We’re not just making a rod but we are creating a trend that you will definitely enjoying and embrace it; and that’s make us difference.

sailang design by kanicen nix

Production Process

The rod manufacturing is not an easy task where it can be completed within a week or two. It requires consistent efforts in ensuring the quality is maintained. From the first blank we received almost more than a year ago (around 2016) we start doing R&D, on-field testing and many other things to ensure the rods we will produce will satisfy the buyers. It takes time from minimum of 3 months up to 6 months to complete with the desired quality.

Not one, not two and not 3 prototypes but our R&D taken up to 4th version to really produce a rod that we feel in accordance with the concept we try to bring; all-rounder. We took steps to fix everything necessary to produce the right rod for all-rounder game.

kanicen nix sailang spinning rod

Lots of pressure, lots of time wasted and too much money wasted to produce a rod that affordable for all anglers. All the rods we created are almost 100% custom designed through a very long R&D phases with hundreds of trip on-field testing. It’s just not an easy task.


There will challenges in things we do in life and it came in various forms. Weird is a feeling that we cannot really accept during the process.

Among the most bizarre things that happened is the commitment by the manufacturer to produce the rod in the quality standard we want. That doesn’t stop there; the professionalism of courier service handling the goods is not at satisfaction level. The damaged rods have been returned to the manufacturer for replacement that caused delays.

Common issues during shipping is broken tips and guide ceramic cracks where some we might have missed it during QC on our side. Worst even the handle section broke. Its weird tough we’ve labeled the box as fragile items.

So, in case you face any issues with the rods do not be silent, do not be sad and do not be disappointed as we are here to help. Contact us at Facebook by PM’ing us for fastest reply. We will surely assist you.

Quality & Price

At Kanicen Nix, we value quality. Every rod sold we will make sure it is acceptable and usable. We sent our custom design prototype in a best condition with hope the manufacturer will produce it at the same quality.

kanicen nix sailang spinning rod guide

Our rod is produced in a mass production so it’s common to have some small issue(s) that does not affect the quality and performance. Even bigger brands facing the same issues and there’s nothing we can do since the problem somehow will still exist. The only things we can do are better packaging and try to minimize them. But this issue has given us chance to learn and improve. Nothing perfect in this world but we will always try to minimize the common problems that exist for quality and satisfaction.

Additionally, the selling price for our custom-design rods is really cheap. Usually custom design rods will be sold for more than RM400 and some may reach thousands of ringgit based on the components used.

Good to see majority of our customers can understand this situation and appreciate our efforts and able to get a rod at affordable price but still maintaining highest quality possible. Mostly understand that it’s not our fault; but other factors that cause it. We have done our best to ensure that our rods are in good condition and in the desired quality standards but sometimes unexpected things happen. But as we always said we are here to help. With this in mind we will work even harder to make sure our future rods will always be at the highest level possible.

Our Customers

As always our majority of our customers are from Malaysia. Normally, all customers came from a friend recommendation. It’s good to know many started to acknowledge our rods. Our efforts paid off.

As always Indonesia are among our loyal customers who have made orders almost 200 pcs of Sailang and so are Philippines our new dealer. We have grown customer based from Singapore as well and it’s a good sign of progression.

Kanicen Nix Sailang has opened more channels to us. Now, we’ve sold to UK, Poland, US, Vietnam, Germany and are in the process for several other countries.

Who’ve ever thought a brand focus on local model name such as Leebass (Libas), Sengat and most recently Sailang accepted by other countries. It’s moving forward in a positive way.


Our sales are quite unique because we are looking for committed supporters and believe in Kanicen Nix’s brand. To be honest we are not a big player. We are very small and need strong capital to grow. We don’t have big funds and we don’t have office or shop. We work among our friends as funders and our based still at home.

It’s not easy to build supporters that willing to pay upfront and wait for the rods to complete between 3-4 months. It requires trust in the brand and it requires honesty. And we are proud our followers trusted us. Thumbs up!

Customer Service

This is very important to us. Every successful brand starts with a tip-top customer service. We never fail to respond to any PM, message and assistance needed by our customers. We are always committed and always working hard in helping solve customer problems if any.

Some comes straight to house for help and never once disappoint them. Every customer is treated more than a friend. People say it’s not easy to meet product owner but for us it’s very easy because the owner prefer you to come face-to-face. You will hear a much better version experience from the owner himself. The owner will personally answer all questions and we can recognize each other and strengthen the relationship.

Next Project

Kanicen Nix Sailang second batch is our last. While everyone enjoying the rods we have long moving towards different direction with various prototype ultralight fishing rods. Some have taken almost 5 years because we are waiting for the right time to launch it. We need best timing to suit the market for best momentum.

kanicen nix future ultralight rods

So, be ready to our more exciting rods for various extreme ultralight game rods. It’s time now for us to take you towards games that requires pure soul and technical knowledge. It’s a game of vibration because only that will give you maximum satisfaction as ultralight game enthusiast.

Support & Feedback

We always welcome your feedback. It will help us for improvement. We always here to assist the best way we can. You can either contact us using contact form in this website or visit our Facebook page.


kanicen nix sailang testimonial kanicen nix sailang testimonial kanicen nix sailang testimonial kanicen nix sailang testimonial kanicen nix sailang testimonial

Final Words

We won’t be able to satisfy everyone, no one could because we are born with different views and needs. Our target with Kanicen Nix Sailang rod is for exposure and gives everyone the opportunity to try Kanicen Nix’s rod.

All your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all our supporters, our pro staffs who are constantly working hard to reach the market and all those who are assisting in spreading the words to recommend our products. May you always be blessed.

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