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Triple Tail Maori Wrass / Ketarap / Bayan at Indonesia With Silau Spoon

Caught this beautiful Triple Tail Maori Wrass or also known as Parrot fish on Silau spoon and our upcoming ultralight fishing rod at Indonesia with buddies Hairz Zer and Michael Gatot.

Ketarap / Bayan guna spoon Silau dgn rod ul prototype di lautan hindi Indonesia.

Bertambah-tambah jelirnya. Hahaha 😛😛😛

🎣 Setup: Rod Prototype 1-6lb
🎣 Reel: Shimano Twinpower 1000s
☑️ Line: Halus 2lbs
☑️ Leader: Prototype 4lbs
🧞 Lure: Silau Spoon
🐊 Snap: Ultralight Anglers

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