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Upcoming Bait Casting Reel: Go Ultralight Go BFS

Kanicen Nix bait casting fishing reel? Really? It is time to get it wet.

When we first introduced our brand to the market, we decided we need to take proper approach of product development. It has never been easy, but the entire process of learning the hard way is a real fun for us.

We are not reel engineer when we first start. Learning from the market leaders, experienced it on-field and keep researching tons of reels is steps we have taken for exposure and hands-on knowledge. We acquired proper knowledge before we step into fishing reel development.

The spool gap & depth great for both Ultralight & BFS anglers.

Let us hope Kanicen Nix will be able to release bait casting fishing reel soon to the market and able to craft the new wave into making ultralight fishing scene become more challenging and adventurous.

Wish list? Yeah probably. Stay tune for updates.

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