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Introducing EWG weightless worm hook for soft baits enthusiasts, an “EWG” (Extra Wide Gap) weightless worm hook is a specific type of fishing hook designed for rigging soft plastic worms, lizards, or other similar baits without adding any additional weight and in our case the hooks is designed for Nyot Nyot worms.

The “weightless” aspect allows for a more natural and slow fall of the bait through the water column, making it an effective presentation, especially in finesse or shallow water situations.

Here are some key features for our EWG weightless worm hook:

  1. Extra Wide Gap (EWG): The “Extra Wide Gap” design of the hook refers to the wide gap between the hook point and shank. This gap provides more space for the soft plastic bait, making it easier for the hook to penetrate the fish’s mouth upon a strike.
  2. Weightless Design: The weightless worm hook is meant to be used without any additional weight. This allows the soft plastic bait to have a more natural and subtle action in the water.
  3. Size Variation: The EWG weightless worm hook come only in one size to accommodate our Nyot Nyot soft plastic bait size.
  4. Sharpness: The EWG weightless worm hook is high-quality, sharp and penetrate easily.
  5. Material: The hooks materials is made of high-carbon steel so its durable and corrosion-resistant finish.

How to Rig EWG Weightless Worm Hook

  1. Texas Rigging: The EWG weightless worm hook can be used in a Texas rig setup. Insert the hook point into the top of the bait and thread it through until the point is barely beneath the surface. Then, rotate the hook and bury the point back into the bait. This weedless presentation allows the bait to be worked through vegetation without snagging.
  2. Carolina Rigging: You can use the EWG weightless worm hook in a Carolina rig setup. In this rig, the hook is part of a leader, while a weight is placed further up the line. This allows the bait to float and move more freely.
  3. Wacky Rigging: You can also use EWG hook in a wacky rig setup. In this rig, the hook is inserted through the middle of the soft plastic bait, leaving both ends dangling. This imparts a unique action to the bait as it falls through the water.
  4. Drop Shot: Another techniques you can use with EWG weightless worm hook is drop shot fishing. Just add our Skinny or Teardrop sinkers, it will work wonders.
  5. JIKA Rig: You use a Jika rig is due to the sensitivity it gives you when bottom fishing. It provides an angler with a precise feel as to what kind of bottom them are fishing.

The EWG weightless worm hook is a versatile option for various soft plastic presentations, especially when a finesse approach is needed. You can experiment with different techniques and rigging styles to find what works best for the specific conditions and the preferences of the fish you’re targeting.


Size: #1
Type: EWG Weightless Worm Hook
Materials: Carbon Steel
Applicable Techniques: Drop shot, Wacky, Texas, Carolina, etc
Per Pack: 10 pcs



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