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By reading our terms and conditions you as a BUYER are agreed to accept all our terms once you’ve  purchased. We may also change our terms and conditions without prior notice.

Terms for all types of orders (Facebook / Website / Instagram / etc.).


1. Please check our website www.kanicen.com for more info on our products and verify you really wish to buy the desire item(s). If you require further info please contact us at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kanicennixmalaysia/ or you can email us from our website for quick reply.
2. Please be sure purchased items is allowed at your country.
3. Please be sure to understand your country customs rules and regulations.
4. You will be given option(s) of courier services. Please choose based on your budget, safety standards and also service that you feel will be the best. We would recommend using DHL, FedEx, UPS or other well-known shipping company because it’s fast and safe. EMS is cheap but may not be the best unless you still prefer to use them.
5. Please calculate all the total cost(s) including other possible charges like tax / handling in your country before making a payment so that you understand the amount you will be paying for the product(s) is make sense and worth it.
6. All international customers can pay to our PayPal or TT to our company account. You will be provided relevant info once the orders confirmed.
7. For pre-order item(s) you have to wait until it’s completed. Some item like our custom design fishing rods may take from 3 to 6 months to complete according to our quality standards. Updates will be posted at our Facebook page regularly for pre-order item as some item need more time to be completed. I.e. Detailing, QC inspection, etc.


Option 1:

STEP 1: Contact us at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kanicennixmalaysia/
STEP 2: All orders confirmation only at our Facebook page.
STEP 3: Provide us product(s) you desire to purchase, your full address for us to quote you. We will take up to 3 days to confirm on shipping and insurance charges.
STEP 4: Once agreed. We will require your email address so that we can prepare an invoice using PayPal. You can choose to pay with Credit/Debit card or any other supported payment options. We also accept TT direct to our company account.
STEP 5: Please pay the full amount including all shipping, tax and handling charges.
STEP 6: Full payment is received and verified.
STEP 7: Items will be shipped to you.


– Not applicable for pre-order items. Items will be shipped once completed.

Option 2: Shopping Cart Purchases

You can purchase the items directly from our website shopping cart if the items available. Just add to cart and checkout to make payment. All purchases applies to our terms and conditions only.

Return/Refund Policy

1. We offer refunds or replacement.
2. For the purchased item(s) we will offer refunds after deducting shipping and insurance charges since shipping is a third party service.
3. For the replacement, customer need to pay for all the charges involves (shipping, etc.).
4. Time limit to return items is 7 for SEA and 14 days for other countries) upon receiving.
5. Items must be returned as it is and in case the item has any sign of being used we will not refund.
6. We will only refund the money once we received the items.
7. For replacement, if the item is not in stock, you have to wait for new stock availability. Or in the case of the item is not in production refund will be issued.
8. If the item(s) returned to the sender for some reasons (rejected by the receiver country due some issue like exceeded dimensions, receiver not around, item(s) not allowed, etc.) the customer MUST pay again for the courier charges. We will not bare any external charges for any case or incident happened upon shipping. So, please verify at your end with your customs rules.
9. We don’t offer cancellation of orders after full payment.


Shipping Charges

1. Shipping rates may be varies by service provider.
2. These carriers have their own rates that are calculated based on destination zone, origin address, weight of the products, parcel dimensions (length, width, height). The parcel dimensions calculation is set by the carrier company.


– We don’t make profits from shipping charges.
– Shipping charges from Malaysia is always expensive.

Tax / Handling Charges / Merchant Fees

1. Any tax charges on the receiver part if beyond our control. As a customer you need to know what are your country customs rules & regulations.
2. Any handling charges by shipping company on the receiver’s part is beyond our control as well since we are not informed about this.
3. Customers are require to pay all the fees charges by the merchants. Example: PayPal.


1. All customers outside from Malaysia must purchase insurance for protection. The insurance charges are based on the item(s) value only.
2. In the case item(s) is lost we will assist in submitting complaint report and the time taken by shipping company to respond is beyond our control. Some shipping company like EMS will take more than 2 months to process since they have to communicate with customer’s side shipping company. They have their own procedure.
3. Value refunded is subjected to shipping company. We will only assist to get things done properly. Any amount returned by the shipping company will be refunded to customer provided we did not send any new items(s) as replacement.

Delivery Timeframe

1. Oversea shipping may take time from 3 days to 60 days depending on shipping company.
2. EMS may take longer time to process. Some customers received it in 10 days and some take up to 40 days.
3. DHL / FedEx / UPS normally take up to 7 days.
4. We ship the items as soon as possible but this will not always be the same day as your order. In general purchased item will be processed within 3 working days. In case your orders on weekend or on our public holidays then we will process it once we are back to work.
5. All delivery process we need to follow procedure set by service provider. Different providers have different procedures and it may vary based on different country.

Tracking No

1. Customer will be given tracking number to track the item(s) status.
2. Make sure to ask seller for tracking number if not given in 7 days except for Pre-Order items.


1. All PVC tube, packaging, glue, handling is chargeable.
2. We proceed with the best QC procedure before sending out goods. If the item is damage during shipping or transportation we shall not take any responsibility.
3. Broken / damage / lost item(s) should be claimable from the shipping company on the receiver’s end. We will assist you everything that possible.
4. Please check the item(s) upon receiving but before signing the receiving docket. Any broken / damage item(s) during shipment is claimable from shipping company.

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