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After 3 solid successful years of Geli-Geli worm dominating the market, we decided it’s time to release another version of worm soft bait. And this time, it is almost 2 times bigger, amazing colors and it is more exciting than before.

Importantly, we developed this worm soft bait to cater snakehead hunters and for those who love rigging catching fish like Peacock Bass.


We named it NYOT NYOT (local word) means “sucking”. The idea of NYOT NYOT came from the boss’s baby girl who love sucking anything that she can grab. In our local language it’s kind of funny thing that make us smile.

The entire development of our NYOT NYOT soft bait focuses on improving our previous worm’s version in few areas right from the materials we used to the effectiveness when fishing with it.

If you enjoy rigging like Wacky, Texas, Jika and any others this new version soft bait is a MUST have in your box because we’ve created various segments on the body that enables for 10 times immense vibrations and creating various bubbles versions when retrieving or simply by rig it using any rigging methods you love.

So, if you are hunting for monsters down under the weeds or structures this bait will attracts and triggering predators to attack and of course you can use our EWG weightless worm hook.


Colors: Coppearhead Orange (Gold Flake), Banana Green (Gold Flake), Red Shad (Gold Flake), HoneyDew Green (Gold Flake)
Luminous: Coppearhead Orange (Gold Flake), Banana Green (Gold Flake), HoneyDew Green (Gold Flake)
UV: Red Shad (Gold Flake)
Weight: 3.7g
Length: 3.7in / 9.6cm
Quantity: 6 pcs per pack
Species: All freshwater and saltwater fish
Rigs: Worm hooks, drop shots, carolina, slow pitch, etc.
Best Game: Bass


We highly recommend NYOT NYOT worm for anglers who love hunting fish that stay at hard reach area with rigging fishing style. Whether is Wacky rig, Neko rig, Texas rig, Carolina rig, Drop Shot rig, or anything you can name it, the worm will perform way better than any other worms you have used before.

Another method for snakehead hunters you can use it for top water. Get a weedless/weightless hook (you can modify it if no option) and cast it at structures, snaggy areas. It will stay top, move it slow as if some bugs moving on surface.

You can also use our specially created Mushroom worm hook for NYOT NYOT worms.


It floats. Yes, you read it right. It floats so you can simply take any small hooks (light enough), cast it and apply for top water predators. Sometimes you can never predict in what way the fish will attack especially snakeheads; so, having an option will be a great solution.

NYOT NYOT is elastic. Try pull it to see it how long it can be pulled.


Our bait texture resembles that of actual live bait where it enables fish to bite and not let go. This is one among tons of other features we built.

We know long worms is the best lures to use when fishing areas of heavy vegetation during the warm summer months. Fish often prefer to gather where they can find thick cover on summer days because the plant life provides shade while also helping to oxygenate the water.

However, making the selection about which worms to use depending on the area and conditions can be a bit of a challenge since there are many colors, sizes and styles available.


To further enhance the efficiency of this worm, all NYOT NYOT products possess a luminescence (for Copperhead Orange, Banana Green and Honey Dew) attribute making it efficient in any water condition be it day or night. And UV (Ultraviolet) for Red Shad color.

Here are a few helpful tips for selecting the right worms color given the place you plan to fish and the water conditions:

  1. Lighter worm colors are going to be more effective in clear water with good visibility.
  2. Darker colors are best to use in cloudy water with low visibility or at night. In these situations, go for colors like Copperhead Orange, Red Shad, June Bug, Dark Blue or most luminescence.
  3. On sunny days, use worms with flakes or UV to take advantage of the reflecting light to attract fish.
  4. The most popular worm sizes range between 2 inch and 4 inches in our local fishing spots. Use a #4 or #6 hook for worms between 2 to 4 inches.
  5. Carry along assortment of u-tail and ribbon tail worms that are easy to rig Texas style. U-tails and ribbon tails will produce fish in a variety of water conditions.
  6. Have a pack or two of wacky hooks for fishing style on a weedless hook. Wacky style rigs can be very effective due to the fluttering motion created by the ends of the worm as it drops to the bottom.
  7. Mushroom or anything similar hooks are good to go with long worms like NYOT NYOT hook size range from #4 to #6 and weight around 1.5 grams to 2.5 grams is just perfect.

Apart from these tips on color, size and style, the final key to using soft plastic worms effectively is to fish these baits slow. You will notice number of hits you get when you let the bait drop and just give the line a slow twitch every minute or two.

NYOT NYOT is our latest soft plastic baits which is best used for the drop shot, Wacky, Jika, Neko and other rig techniques. These techniques are still new locally and not many use it for now. The techniques and tactic of presenting a bait suspended above the weight has been used by anglers targeting other species for many years, but the evolution of these techniques for fishing has established the these as a common technique for experienced fishermen everywhere.

While light line and finesse may come to mind when referring to the drop shot, anglers have adapted this presentation to suit their needs in many situations. So, if you are new and eager to try all these techniques NYOT NYOT is the best worm in the market.


  1. Coppearhead Orange (Gold Flake) – Luminous
  2. Banana Green (Gold Flake) – Luminous
  3. Red Shad (Gold Flake) – UV
  4. HoneyDew Green (Gold Flake) – Luminous

Length: 3.7 inch (9.6cm)
Weight: 3.7g


Buy original marked with KN our brand.


Each pack of our NYOT-NYOT worms soft bait contains 6 pieces per color and is sold at the reasonable price at both shops and online.


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