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LASAK is created for all purpose Fluorocarbon Shock Leader for ultralight fishing anglers. As for it’s available in a few range of sizes to suit the demand for high quality fluorocarbon. Made of Japanese materials, it offers a low stretch & ultra-sensitive for superior lure control be it for spoons, minnows, soft baits or even soft frog; LASAK will give you the performance you desire.


KANICEN NIX is a premium brand of high-performance fishing gears for serious ultralight fishing anglers. As Malaysia’s the ONLY brand that offers purely customized gears for ultralight enthusiasts, KANICEN NIX is a leader in engineering and innovation.


As an appreciation to one of our Pro Staff Mohd Huzairy Mohd Rezuan for being with us for 8 years we decided to let him name the product. “LASAK” as the name given in our language means tough. And the fluorocarbon shock leader does perform as the name suggest.


LASAK’ Fluorocarbon shock leader has a unique multi-purpose resin coating that offers perfect balance of low-stretch and ultra-high sensitivity. It absorbs shocks even to shocking bites, enabling a variety of lure actions. The coating is used to enhance the quality of the original line for better performance and increase reliability. Moderate stretch minimizes excessive shocks.

LASAK fluorocarbon shock leader is created to retain its strength and suppleness even when knotted. As a result, the line is moisture proof, very slick, and resistant to shock and wear. Due to the high residual holding strength, it has excellent durability and can handle long-duration fights with confidence.


100% Fluorocarbon

Japanese Materials

Abrasion Resistant

Fast Cutting Water / Quick Sink

Super Strength

Parallel Curling / Not Injure The Line

No Folding Point / No Curl

Straightening Without Knotting

Good Transparency

Supple and Easy To Handle

Stable Line Diameter

Anti-bite From Fish

No Scratches / Strong Sense of Balance


LASAK fluorocarbon shock leader come in 30-meter thin spool with natural clear color. It can be stocked compactly in a tackle bag or pocket. As there is ‘lb.’ indicated on the spool, it is also recommendable as a leader for lure fishing.

In this initial stage we opt for few variations of fluorocarbon shock leader:


Price: RM27.00
Per Pack Quantity: 1 pc


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