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Silau Spoon The Best Spoon Bait For Small Stream Fishing

Silau spoon is well-known among Stream Fishing Anglers which specially designed by Kanicen Nix for rapids fishing or stream game fishing. Silau Spoon has been designed for all small streams around Malaysia and throughout Asian countries. To find out more info about the Silau spoon you can check at this link:

For this article we will share one of the anglers who quite likes stream fishing, Syed Adnan. He is one of the stream anglers who loves Kanicen Nix’s Silau spoon. For him, this bait is quite suitable for the diet and habitat in Malaysia because it is mimicking the real fish.

Kanicen Nix’s Silau Spoon is a proven bait to have very encouraging result. The anglers design it himself because years of experience in the field so the number of catches by anglers Silau spoon is beyond expectation.

Syed Adnan is also among the lucky owners of the Melencong Travel Rod. After using the rod, he said:

“The tip action is like fiberglass rod. Not too soft but not too hard either. Nicely designed rod. The action is simply perfect. Kind of sad not taking the BC version along”.

The catches above are among the pictures given by Syed Adnan using the Melencong Travel rod, Silau and other products produced by Kanicen Nix. Various fish species caught during the trip such Forest Snakehead also known as Channa Lucius, Hampala Barb, Rasbora, Snakehead and Copper Mahseer.

Below are the catches using bait such as Geli Geli and Brudu.

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