Inspiration Require Courage

Kanicen Nix

The road to create ultralight trend is very complicated and it requires some attitude, attributes and certain necessary elements to be successful.

Courage is a hard thing to imagine. Courage is present sometimes based on ridiculous dumb idea or when doing something wrong, but when that happens its known as a “phenomenon” and “TREND”.

The phenomenon occurs spontaneously, but the efforts made are not spontaneous. It requires dedication and mettle.


Is trend can ONLY be made by the old-timer or the so-called veterans? Or the trend exist due to one’s courage lead / create something impossible to obtain by facing all obstacles where others does not have the same opinion due to conflict of understanding?

Perhaps those who oppose are more discerning or maybe they did not understand it at all. To understand, it’s all depending on who you are, where you come from because it depends on how big your heart is to accept it. Have you ever thought it would become easier just to give up than fight people with negative mentality? Or could it be that during the war I make a decision to stop fighting and accept the ordinary idea and no desire to try something new? It would be easier if I did that right?

But… I CHOOSE to continue the fight because I believe it is not possible to satisfy everyone’s heart but at least I have the pleasure of having some efforts to make a difference.

What is certain, I believe people who dare; willing to take the challenges because they want to do something to be proud of and will put them among the person who is making the difference in the world. And the success can only come by not accepting the defeat.

Defeat is quite sensitive enough for a man. Therefore courage is really complicated. Should we always follow what others tell/want or let do what we dream as a man?


As a hardcore ultralight angler, through pictures and video I wish to communicate my aesthetic vision of nature to stimulate emotional and safeguard responses to its beauty. With these medium I could express and share all my experiences and knowledge.

It’s often is considered “bragging” or “chasing popularity” but in reality we are just sharing all our efforts the best way possible. We are just trying our best to have fun.

Sometimes we do not know why we do things. The cowardly also have courage. But to get the respect it can only happen when you do it yourself; not just talking but to do with courage without knowing the meaning of fear and that’s the real reason you either do something or you don’t. It’s who you are and maybe who you want to be.

If you die trying for something important then you has both honor and courage and that’s good enough. I am sure; to be successful I need courage and try to get the honor through efforts. And also pray that all efforts are blessed.


As an angler, when you grow up by the sea, you spend a good deal of time looking at the horizon. You wonder what on earth the waves might bring and where the sea might deposit you until one day you know you have lived between two places, the scene of arrival and the point of departure.

So-called decades of experiences or longevity in the field does not mean you are a great person or known as the trend setter and deserved all the credits. You DON’T.

Trend Setter is the one who tried everything to make things happen where it’s actually followed by others and then it serve as a guide and example that contribute to sport fishing. It’s the person who makes it happen.

It requires courage. And that courage made what I am now. Creating an ideology that followed by anglers.


This is the last thing I would say. Growing up in this world is very painful. It’s never easy. But that’s what we are trying to do which is to educate you as a knowledgeable and ethical angler. But that’s what our program is about, in case you haven’t figured it out. It is not about fishing. It is not about how many you’ve caught the fish. It’s not about who wins and loses. It’s about moving you in a direction that will help you grow mature and understand what needs to be done. Therefore, when you take your place out in the world, with multi races, religions, diversity, and in our community, you can be depended by people who need help.

For anglers who understand that there is a tremendous bond of trust and friendship that exist. They share a commitment when fishing. No matter what’s going on, your friends come first, and that means the team. You should never sacrifice the team for the individual. And that’s all we kept doing; creating a community with common goal and enjoys fishing.

So when you show up tomorrow, whatever that excites you, whatever going to get your heart pumping, you bring it and you do it. I don’t know what that is for you. Hopefully, it’s going to be that last chapter in the daily activity that you’ve written for yourself this year that make you happy. And I’d like to say, you’ve just made it as an angler, enjoying the game as it supposed to be.


Sure enough I was able to inspire many anglers regardless the gender, ages or races. And this can only happen because your heart is big enough to accept changes.

Inspiration is not just talk but proved by actions that inspired other anglers. This is where the existence of “TREND SETTER” that creates the new “Phenomenon”.



No one knows that sometimes we are being watched by angels. When we think our good efforts are left unnoticed. Think again. Is that true…

It’s not about religion. It’s not about race. Nor is the color of your skin. ACTION its defining who you are. It’s ACTION that speaks louder than words.

There’s thing you will not understand in this planet until you do so. It happened to me and it will happen to you if you do what is right.